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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Goodbye Town by T.A. Chase

Hello everyone! I’m T.A. Chase and I’m here to chat about my new book, Goodbye Town. It’s part of To Love a Hero PAX at Amber Allure. 

This one features Duke and Evan, who were boyfriends while in high school. Of course, they never told anyone since they lived in a very small town. Neither set of parents were there for the boys, so they became each other’s family. Then Evan left after graduation and Duke was stuck in this place that he hated. 

Goodbye Town is a reunited lovers story. There’s not a lot of angst in it. Simply two men finding each other again and trying to see if what they used to have was still there.  I like the idea of old lovers getting a second chance, but only if they broke up because of circumstances, not a misunderstanding. I’ll freely admit I don’t like misunderstandings as story plots. People should just talk to each other…lol

If any of you are country music fans, you might recognize the title. Lady Antebellum sang a song called “Goodbye Town” and that’s where I got my inspiration from, though I allowed my guys to meet up later in their lives when they are both ready for more than what they have at the moment. 

My friend, Devon Rhodes, often jokes about the fact that I get a lot of titles and story ideas from songs. It’s true. I think a majority of my titles come from songs or poems. Sometimes, there’s a line—or lyric—that hits me and an idea springs from there. Which is why I listen to music a lot…driving, running or just writing….there’s always music playing. 

I hope you get a chance to check out Goodbye Town and see if Duke and Evan get their own happy ever after. Thanks for stopping by and letting me ramble. Lol


Goodbye Town by T.A. Chase is now available at Amber Allure.

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1 comment:

  1. I like stories about second chances,but too many of them are based on some silly misunderstandings used as weak plot devices. I,too,am not fond of those. But looking forward to reading this one