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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Air Bear by A.J. Llewellyn

Kappy and Jason are happily newlywed men relocating from a military base in Massachusetts to Kappy’s childhood home of Honolulu. For Kappy, the move brings up a lot of good and bad memories. And with his husband working a lot, it leaves him to deal alone with his resurrected past.

Jason, an Air Bear, is working at the combined Hickham and Pearl Harbor bases as a military police detective on a reactivated cold case. Although Jason’s work is secretive, his private life is spicy, hot, and nothing like anything the normally remote Jason has experienced before.

But things are about to get freaky when the target of Jason’s investigation starts stalking him. Jason has much to lose, and now he wonders about Kappy’s assertion that the island spirits—especially some wacky volcano goddess named Pele—will protect him...

Genres: Gay/Contemporary/Mystery/Detective/Interracial/Multicultural/Menage (M/M/M)/       Group Sex
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Novella (38k words) 

Read a short excerpt...

...“Where to?” Jason asked me. I glanced at him. He was so damned hot in his white T-shirt and new Baldwin Reed Jeans. I loved how they looked on him. Crotch-hugging, skin-tight. Too bad I’d have to make him take them off in a moment.

I led him down the hall, took a deep breath and slid the key card into the slot for room 2675. It gave a satisfying click as I pushed open the door. For a brief second, Jason cupped my ass with a firm hand as I moved ahead of him. We entered the beautifully decorated room and everything was just as I ordered. Champagne on ice. Room nice and cool. Fresh flowers, lots of pillows. Jason walked past me and over to the balcony door. I laid the suit bag on the bed and moved beside him. We had a perfect view of the empty International Marketplace to our right and the ocean to our left.

It was hard to explain to Jason how much it bothered me that so much had changed and that the International Marketplace in Waikiki was gone. The banyan tree that stood in the center of it for over a century had been preserved, as had a smaller hau tree. Building yet another swanky new hotel was called progress. I called it a crying shame.

He took it all in, the way he did everything, as though he were scanning the view for evidence of criminal activity.

“All right,” he said. “Who’s the third glass for?”

I opened my mouth to speak and he kissed me. It was a kiss with serious intention behind it, but a knock at the door interrupted us. Jason looked at me with avid curiosity and went to answer it.

My friend Yuji stood there. “Kappy,” he said, “Sorry. I was waiting for you and realized I was so nervous when I left home I forgot to bring rubbers.” He held up a box of Trojans. “I just bought some downstairs.”

I moved over to join them. Jason looked stunned as he took in the handsome young man I’d befriended through work. I saw the spark in his eyes. Yuji was gorgeous. What made him especially desirable was that he had no idea how hot he was. And poor Yuji, sweet and wonderful as he was, had been having a very difficult time of things lately. I thought letting my husband fuck him would make both their dreams come true.

“Jason,” I said, as I took Yuji’s hand and led him into the room, closing the door behind us. “This is Yuji. He turned twenty-one three weeks ago, and a lot of things have been going on in his life that have been very, very difficult. He’s always wanted to make love to an Air Force officer.” I paused. “And I know you love young, hot Asian men, so this is it. Put on your uniform. It’s in the suit bag. I want to watch you fuck the hell out of him.”

Jason’s jaw dropped. He just stared at me, then slowly began shaking his head.

“Have at it, sweetie.” I smiled at him...

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