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Friday, 31 May 2013

New reviews

New reviews for recent pax releases!

Cat at MM Good Book Reviews gave Getting Real by Christiane France 4 Hearts, calling it "a sweet hot romance."

At Rainbow Reviews, Serena Yates says the men in Working It Out by Sean Michael are "very hot together," recommending it to people who likes stories about second chances.

Truth or Lie by Lynn Lorenz received 3 1/2 hearts from Mandy at Hearts on Fire Reviews, who said it was "a good choice for a lighter read with some hot smexing."

Amy at Joyfully Jay gave Who Moved My Holepunch? by Anne Brooke 4 stars, saying it was "a quirky little madcap adventure."

Sunday, 26 May 2013

If you liked the Immortals collection...

Though they were all about immortals, they also had another genre in common. Fantasy.

Making Magic is a group of five m/m romances, all centered around fantasy. Stories include:

The collection is currently 25%, which means you can get all five stories for just $18.75. What a deal!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Immortals pax winner

The end of the week means the end of our giveaway. Who's the lucky person to win a copy of the entire copy of the Immortals pax collection? It is...


We have your email address, so expect a message from us very soon.

Thank you to everyone for taking part in celebrating our new release!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Truth or Lie by Lynn Lorenz

So where did I get the idea for this story?

Like most of my ideas, I ask “what if”? My son taught me that trick when he was a little kid. Good Lord, that kid could ask the most amazing questions – “What if the fan came off the ceiling? Would it spin and cut my head off?” “What if a bear got in the house?” “What if the world stopped spinning?”

It was tiring. Seriously. But I learned to deal with it, not by quieting his fears, telling him “Shh, don’t worry, that would never happen!” but by saying, “I’m not sure. Why don’t you look it up on the internet and see what you can find out.” Sometimes, I’d tell him, “Think about it and then make up a story.” And he would. It kept him quiet, helped him build problem solving by using information, and how to write a story.

So when I started writing my own stories, the what if questions would come to me – What if this guy meets the guy he fell for in summer camp, then dumped? What if two childhood friends fell in love, separated and then found each other again, in the middle of Hurricane Katrina?

So for this story – write about an immortal living here on earth – I thought, “Cool. What superpower would he have? He’d need to have something that didn’t really stand out, because I didn’t want a superhero. I love those “everyday” heroes, the ones that move quietly in our lives – cops, firefighters, nurses, teachers, moms and dads. So what if I gave him the ability to know when someone is lying? What if he were a teacher? He’d be able to know when those little kids were lying.

That’s a double-edged sword. Yeah, sounds cool at first, until everyone around you started to lie, not just about the big things, but about small things. It would seriously damage your ability to trust. And if you’re boyfriend lied? Or some guy you meet at a bar tells you he has some great job, when he doesn’t? I think that power would get to be a real drag after a while.

So, that’s what got me going. Anthony is a descendent of the goddess Artemis (wisdom) and Socrates (philosopher and teacher). He teaches second grade and for now, he’s sworn off getting involved with men. Too much lying. But when he meets Travis at the Bring Your Dad to School day, sparks fly, igniting long buried desires and needs in Anthony. For Travis, someone who barely made it out of school, falling for a teacher is the last person he thought he’d fall for – seeing as he really hates school. But there’s something about Anthony that pushes all his buttons.

For both men, being lied to is the deal breaker. But lying is inevitable, isn’t it? It’s human nature, right?

I hope you’ll read Truth or Lie and find out how Anthony and Travis’s relationship turns out.


Truth or Lie by Lynn Lorenz is now available at Amber Allure.

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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Swimming with the Boys by Helen Louise Caroll

When the opportunity to write a story for the Everyday Immortals collection came up, I jumped at the chance.  Had a character and plot all ready to go.  One that had been rattling around in my brain for a couple years.  It involved Anteros, Eros’s lesser known twin brother.  I grabbed my pencil and notepad and started to write.  This is what came out:

“Everyone out of the pool!” Poseidon, Greek god of the sea and earthquakes, but better known to the employees and patrons of the 10th Street YMCA as Maxfield Stanton, blew his whistle for emphasis.

What?  Wait!  Poseidon?  Where did he come from?  And what was he doing at a Y?

(I knew where Maxfield Stanton came from.  Any old Sailor Moon fans out there remember that that was the civilian name of the villain Nephlite?)

Before I could do more than register the fact that the wrong Greek god had shown up for the party, he was off and running.  The story was taking shape with very little input from me.

If you read Something Rich and Strange you’ll discover that Poseidon is like that.  He does what he wants.  When he wants.  Or as he thinks:

He was a god. An elemental. A force of nature. His realm was action, not thought. He took what he wanted, when he wanted it.

While I’m not a fan of arrogant leads, there’s something kind of appealing about Poseidon/Max.  Maybe it’s the fact that he has bad days like the rest of us:

Poseidon released an exasperated breath. It had been a long day, full of changes in insurance coverage meetings, safety procedure meetings, updated professional development guideline meetings, and dealing with sexual harassment meetings, as well as giving swimming lessons to people who shouldn’t be allowed within a hundred miles of water. He just wanted to go home, slip into his own pool, and have a chilled glass of something.

Or maybe it’s because the poor guy is dying.  About to cease to exist.  And he doesn’t know what to do about it.

Fortunately for Poseidon, there’s Greg.  

Greg is a nice guy.  He’s average.  Ordinary.

He was almost fifty. A big man. Not fat, but a little chubby, with a double chin. His glasses hid his eyes and his best feature was his dirty-blond hair. It was thick and shiny…  The man favored loud Hawaiian print shirts in red, orange, and electric blue.

But as Poseidon discovers, it’s not the outward appearance that makes the man.  Greg is just the person to take his mind off his impending doom.

Greg’s response was an explosion of action that caught Poseidon by surprise. One hand came up to capture Poseidon’s head. His fingers dug into his scalp, tangling in his hair. His tongue dueled with Poseidon’s for domination. His other hand closed over Poseidon’s ass, pressing him closer to thrust against him.

Greg’s having his own bad day.  The lover who dumped him is getting married.  His apartment is being turned into a loft – with a rent increase.  And his job is giving him headaches.  But he’s there when Poseidon when he needs him.

Poseidon and Greg aren’t the only characters in the story.  The three sisters, the Fates, make an appearance.

Looking like a trio of PopTart divas, the ladies drop by to wish the sea god good-bye in their own inimitable style.

The Moirai joined hands, dancing around him in a circle. They moved so quickly they became a blur of motion. Their forms and words ran together. The sleeves of their dresses brushed against him, feeling like the sweep of feathers.

“Parting is such sweet sorrow.”

“For ever, and for ever, farewell, Poseidon for we will not see your like again.”

“Farewell, brother of Zeus. Farewell, to the greatness that was Poseidon.”

A sound like thunder shook the room, rattling the windows and doors. The lights went off, then snapped back on.

He was alone.

From a distance he heard a faint voice. Clotho’s he thought. “He might have invited us for a last supper.”

The scenes with these three are some of my favorite in the story.  They just love to yank Poseidon and Greg’s respective chains. 

As I said, I like Poseidon and Greg.  I hope readers will, too.


Something Rich and Strange by Helen Louise Caroll is now available at Amber Allure.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Mr. Wolfe by A.J. Llewellyn

I've always loved and fantasized about immortals. When I was a kid it was fairy tales. As a teen, Klaus Kinski scared the pants off me and my friends as the spooky vampire, Nosferatu. I devoured Hammer Horror films and still have my original hardback copy of Alan G. Frank's Horror Movie Treasury, with detailed notes and amazing photos about the prolific company's stable of films. I shelled out my hard-earned money for that book. Money I earned working two part-time jobs on Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

My second horror book I bought was John Canning's Fifty Great Ghost Stories. I still have that book, too. I lived for tales of the unexpected and movies with unusual plots. I even punished my much younger brother with my obsessions. I made him watch Psycho, our first-ever horror movie together one weekend my parents were out of town. We clung to each other. I don't think he's ever gotten over it. 

The music still gives me shivers and he prefers baths.

So yeah. We were both profoundly affected by it.

I then went through a nutty phase of absorbing even the worst horror movies ever made such as Psychomania. I still laugh at the memory of actor Nicky Henson's demon worshipping motor cyclist dying. To become immortal he has to you know, cark it, as they say in my part of the world, to reach the undead status. His dead body is perched upright on his beloved, yet possessed motorbike in a gigantic burial plot. Of course, being an immortal demon, the moment the sun sets, he revs up his chopper and rides right out of his grave again!

To me, Nicky Henson was hot. Hotter than hot.

I think I must also be the only person I know who could see beyond actor Oliver Reed's fangs and fur to see how handsome, sexy and absolutely brilliant he was in his screen debut, Curse of the Werewolf.

So, yeah. That affected me too. Sexy and undead. I loved that idea. Mind you, I always thought Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, the big Hammer Horror stars were sexy, too.

But I digress. 

Or maybe I don't.

When Amber Allure's collective mind of authors started coming up with ideas for PAX anthology stories, the suggestion of "Immortals" came about and I jumped at the chance to write one. At the time I started formulating my tale, one of my dearest friends was archiving costumes for a well-known pop star and I loved her stories of the lengths she went to in salvaging some of the performer's most celebrated gowns.

I had no idea what costume archivists went through but I loved the idea of my lead character, Mr. Wolfe, being involved in this work. People think of werewolves as vicious, snarling, blood-lusting creatures.

Mr. Wolfe is only like that once a month.

The rest of the time  he's a dedicated, precise sewing maestro. The fact that he's a were, who is married to a vampire and has a staff of temperamental pixies working for him is just by the by. To me, it seems fitting to have a costume archivist be immortal. 

They do say the business sucks the life right out of you…

I do hope you get a chance to check out my homage of my beloved immortals…don't read it in the dark. Oh, heck…Why not?

Here is a little sip, or as Dracula would say, a sup, of Mr. Wolfe. I never had so much fun writing this story, but alas, if you're expecting a possessed motorcycle, there aren't any…
Mr. Wolfe is immortal. He is precise, and dedicated. He is also on a lunar cycle. Unless he finishes the task of archiving music diva Zara Finley's legendary costumes by the next full moon, the other side of him will emerge. And it won't be pretty.

Additionally, Mr. Wolfe lives with a deadly secret. As handsome, polite, and charming as he is in his work-life, this exacting man has a crew of everyday immortals who aren't always easy to control. He has a couple of vampire assistants and a team of pixie seamstresses inclined to get drunk on maple syrup. He also has a new employee who seems to be asking too many questions.

What keeps Mr. Wolfe sane is Ambrosio, his right-hand man and perfect lover, but none of their co-workers know Ambrosio is also Mr. Wolfe's spanky toy. From bottom jewelry to antique sex toys, Ambrosio knows how to keep his boss—and husband—happy.

But a bad storm is coming, and with it a new moon that promises to unleash all of Mr. Wolfe's homicidal tendencies...

For purchase and/or an excerpt, please click this link:

Aloha oe,


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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Club Arrest by D.J. Manly

Vampires, werewolves and Vegas…What a sexy combination! When I joined this anthology I wanted to have some fun with the story. I adore writing vampires and werewolves. I also like to play with unlikely candidates as defenders of innocents, turn things on its head.

I was happy with how the two leads, Richard and Caleb, played off of each other. They really wrote this story for me. They told me where they wanted, and as their willing slave, I followed!

Club Arrest has a bit of everything, intrigue, hot sex, and a threesome with some very sexy good guys. There’s even a happy ending and… love. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!



Club Arrest by D.J. Manly is now available at Amber Allure.

If you'd like the chance to win the entire pax collection, just leave a comment on today's post. On Saturday, a winner will be picked at random from all the comments made this week on the blog. Comment on all, and that's multiple chances to win!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Will the real Hades please stand up? by Angel Martinez

I always felt the God of the Underworld got shortchanged in pop culture and needed a press agent. That horrible portrayal of him in Disney’s Hercules? Really? He came off as a parody version of a grasping business tycoon, the jealous little brother who never got any attention. The portrayal in the Hercules series on television was better, but not nearly as interesting as some of the other gods on the show.

When we try to find the real Hades, we run into roadblocks, holes in the mythical record, things left unsaid but several bits and pieces do make it through the mists of time. We know he was the oldest brother of the three original Olympians. We know he fought fiercely in the war against his father. We know that at the end of the war, when the brothers drew lots to divide the world, Hades got the Underworld and Zeus got all the glory.

That’s always been the most telling bit for me. He agreed to let chance decide rather than insisting on his right to rule as the eldest. When he drew the short straw, he accepted his fate. He always struck me as the responsible brother, the one concerned with justice. His brothers ran around making as many babies as possible. He stayed home and made sure his slice of the world ran properly.

This is the god I fell in love with when I was young – the strong, steady, serious god – and this is the Hades I’ve chosen to portray in my new Immortals story. It’s all about life after the Underworld. And why some gods might have an atrophied sense of humor.

A little excerpt exclusive (Hades is in the modern world, going by the name Aiden Plouton)– you’ll see what I mean:


When he cracked one eye a few minutes later, Mr. Plouton hadn’t moved, his eyes tracking something outside. “What’re you watching?”



“People walking their dogs on the other side of the river. Quite a variety of breeds.”

“Yeah? Like what?”

Mr. Plouton nodded toward the window, one corner of his mouth tipping up. “There’s a borzoi passing now. There was a foxhound, a pair of akitas, a Tibetan mastiff, a pomerian and a chow chow.”

Careful. That’s almost a smile. “You like dogs, huh?”

“Yes.” The word sounded so sad, so wistful, Ti had to wonder if there had been a canine death recently. He was about to ask when the big man’s eyes lit up. He motioned to the window. “What a lovely Samoyed. Come see.”

Ti managed a dry chuckle. “I’ll have to take your word for it.”

“Ah.” Before he could protest, Mr. Plouton strode over, scooped Ti up in his arms, and carried him to the window. “There. Now you can see.”

“Um…thanks?” The casual ease with which the man held him was scary as hell. Sure, Ti knew he didn’t weigh too much after the past six months on the streets, but he was over six feet tall for pity’s sake. No one should be able to carry him like a rag doll. To be polite, he looked out the window at the dog and found he had to agree. If someone told him he had to have a dog, then that white bit of fluffy pretty would have been high up on the list of candidates. “Nice.”

“Very intelligent dogs. Highly energetic.”

Maybe not then. Ti risked a glance back at his host and transport. The unguarded sorrow in his eyes yanked at his heart. Damn. “So this mangy mutt moves into a really high-class neighborhood, right next door to a couple of snobby poodles.”

Mr. Plouton gave him a noncommittal grunt, so he forged on.

“Okay, so the poodles aren’t real pleased with their new neighbor and they decide that they need to march right over there and put this lop-eared, flea-bitten mutt in his place, right? So the first poodle turns up her nose at him and says, ‘My name is Fifi. F-I-F-I.’ And the second snooty poodle chimes in, ‘My name is Mimi. M-I-M-I.’ And then the mutt looks at one and then the other. He sits up straight and declares, ‘My name is Fido. F-I-D-E-A-U-X.’”

Deep blue eyes stared at him nonplussed. “Dogs don’t speak to each other like that.”

“No, I know. It’s a joke. The plain, ordinary dog knowing French. Funny? Haha? You’re supposed to laugh. Or at least smile politely.” Still nothing. “Um. Never mind.” Ti heaved a sigh. “Mom and Dad didn’t hug you much, did they?”

He heard an odd grinding sound and realized it was Mr. Plouton’s teeth. “My father tried to kill me. Several times.”


Canines, Crosshairs and Corpses by Angel Martinez is now available at Amber Allure.

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Sunday, 19 May 2013


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Cover Copyright ©2012 by Trace Edward Zaber
Included in this collection of erotic romance...
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Canines, Crosshairs and Corpses
Canines, Crosshairs and Corpses
by Angel Martinez
Extended Novella
Club Arrest
Club Arrest
by D.J. Manly
Mr. Wolfe
Mr. Wolfe
by A.J. Llewellyn
Something Rich and Strange
Something Rich and Strange
by Helen Louise Caroll
Extended Amber Kiss
Truth or Lie
Truth or Lie
by Lynn Lorenz
Extended Novella

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Friday, 17 May 2013

Truth or Lie by Lynn Lorenz

Travis Conners is a firefighter who barely made it through high school. Why would Anthony Pappas, an adorable second grade teacher, be interested in him? Travis is willing to find out, if Anthony will give him a chance.

Being descended from a goddess, Anthony Pappas possesses a unique gift—he can tell when people are lying. Sounds good, until your boyfriends all end up lying to you. Anthony's tired of it. It's easier not to get involved than to have your heart broken time and time again.

When a little redheaded boy brings the men together, these two heroes will have to find the courage to take a leap of faith and follow their hearts...

Genres: Gay/Contemporary Fantasy
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Novella (30k words) 

Read a short excerpt...

...In the hall, he stopped and leaned against a spot not covered in artwork or posters, waiting for Anthony to join him. When the teacher came out of the door, he was speaking to a woman, a very pretty woman, and even Travis could see this person had eyes for Anthony.

Deep inside him, for no reason Travis could name, jealousy rose up and stiffened Travis’s spine. He pushed off the door as his fists clenched.

Anthony smiled, nodded toward Travis and said something. The woman nodded, but she didn’t look happy. Travis just smiled at her as Anthony turned and walked toward him.

“You wanted to ask me something?” Travis said.

Anthony came up to him and leaned against the wall, almost in a mimicry of Travis’s pose.

“Yeah. Look, I just wanted to tell you about a drawing Rusty did last term. It was a fall scene, and he drew a cemetery. I sort of wondered about it, and now, thanks to you, I think I can safely say, Rusty isn’t a troubled kid.”

“You thought—” Travis frowned.

“I’ve only met his mom and never his father. I had no idea his dad had died.” Anthony shook his head. “This explains a lot. Tell your sister if she needs anything, let me know. I want to support her and Rusty any way I can.”

“Wow. Well.” Travis cleared his throat. “That’s really good of you. I’ll let her know. Rusty needs good male role models in his life. I’m glad you’re his teacher.”

“He’s got a pretty wonderful model right here.” Anthony gave him a warm smile.

“Naw. I’m just a firefighter.” Travis shrugged. Warmth filled his face, damn it, and he wanted to rub the blush off with his hands, but he kept them folded over his chest.

“You’re—amazing! And not just an ‘anything.’ A lot of guys would’ve stood up there and talked about themselves. You could’ve impressed the class with your fire outfit and hat.”

“It’s called a turn-out coat and helmet,” Travis corrected him.

Anthony took it well. “Right. I’ll make a note of the proper names for future reference.” He smiled up at Travis.

They stood there, leaning against the wall, less than two feet apart, staring into each other’s eyes. The urge to lean down and capture those full lips almost took control of Travis.


Anthony and Travis jumped apart at the school bell right above them.

“Dang!” Travis held his hands over his ears. “That’s louder than the alarm at the station!”

Anthony laughed. “You get used to it. After a while.” Travis glared at him. “Okay, not really. It still scares the heck out of me.”

They laughed. The hall filled with kids and adults moving to their classrooms.

“You have to get back to class, right?”

Anthony nodded, but he didn’t leave. “I was thinking…would you want to have coffee sometime?”

“What?” Travis’s voice squeaked like a mouse.

Anthony leaned in. “I’m not wrong, am I? About you wanting to have coffee with me?”

“No, you’re not wrong.” Travis dug in his breast pocket and pulled out a business card. “Here’s my cell number and the number at the station. Call me.”

Anthony took it, looked it over and glanced back up at Travis. “I will.”


Anthony turned, stepped into the flow of children, and it swept him down the hall. Travis walked off, against the wall, fighting the surge like a salmon swimming upstream, to the front office to check out.

All the way there and to the station, he couldn’t stop smiling...

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Something Rich and Strange by Helen Louise Caroll

Even a god can be afraid...

Maxfield Stanton has a secret. He’s not just the swim instructor at the YMCA. He’s actually Poseidon, the Greek god of the seas and earthquakes.

And as Poseidon, he also has a secret. He’s going to die. Just as the other Olympians have, he’s going to cease to exist. And tonight, he wants one last fling before he disappears.

Greg Turner isn’t the traditional dream man. He’s quiet, shy, and has a little pot-belly and love handles. But he’s there when Poseidon needs him, and now the god of earthquakes is about to find his world rocked.

Genres: Gay/Contemporary Fantasy/Exhibitionism/Public Places
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (13k words) 

Read a short excerpt...

...Poseidon shot Greg a sideways glance. What was with him? He was sorry now he’d asked the other man to join him. If he wanted silent, sullen company, he could enjoy his own.

Funny, though, he’d never noticed that even stooped, Greg was as tall as he was.

He’d taken off his glasses, too. Poseidon was surprised to see that his eyes were the clear blue of the Aegean where it met the shore.

“So, how’d you get Donny out of the pool?” Greg made a visible effort to restart the conversation. Poseidon was going to ignore it, but then that little smile appeared again. “In case his mother signs him up for my class.”

Yeah, definitely a sexy smile.

Poseidon’s step stuttered. Where was that idea coming from? Greg wasn’t sexy. Greg was… Well, okay, the hair was nice. And he had a nice set of shoulders. If they weren’t slumped. If you got rid of the print shirts, maybe…

No. Greg wasn’t sexy.

But obviously, he, Poseidon, hadn’t been getting enough action if he thought the other man was for even a second.

When was the last time he’d gotten some?

Poseidon thought for a moment. That would be that Berkley co-ed in ’66. Forty-six, no, forty-seven years ago.


Poseidon had never been the player his brother Zeus was. Though one didn’t sire the number of naiads he had by just lying around. He’d had his flings. Certainly more than poor Hades had.

But forty-seven years. When he’d had eternity, decades hadn’t been any more than days to him. Now, though, with his end near, he had to make time count.

Well, he’d end that dry spell tonight. While he had his drinks with Greg, he could check out likely prospects.

“Not telling?” Greg was looking at him, his smile slipping from teasing to uncertain.

Poseidon pulled his thoughts together. He grinned at Greg, surprised and pleased to see a slight blush pinken his cheeks. Leaning close, his lips just brushing the other man’s hair, he whispered, “Uh-uh. It’s a secret.” He blew in Greg’s ear, taking pleasure in the fact that the other man couldn’t hide his shiver.

He didn’t know if Greg was straight, gay, or in-between, but it could be fun finding out...

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Mr. Wolfe by A.J. Llewellyn

Mr. Wolfe is immortal. He is precise, and dedicated. He is also on a lunar cycle. Unless he finishes the task of archiving music diva Zara Finley's legendary costumes by the next full moon, the other side of him will emerge. And it won't be pretty.

Additionally, Mr. Wolfe lives with a deadly secret. As handsome, polite, and charming as he is in his work-life, this exacting man has a crew of everyday immortals who aren't always easy to control. He has a couple of vampire assistants and a team of pixie seamstresses inclined to get drunk on maple syrup. He also has a new employee who seems to be asking too many questions.

What keeps Mr. Wolfe sane is Ambrosio, his right-hand man and perfect lover, but none of their co-workers know Ambrosio is also Mr. Wolfe's spanky toy. From bottom jewelry to antique sex toys, Ambrosio knows how to keep his boss—and husband—happy.

But a bad storm is coming, and with it a new moon that promises to unleash all of Mr. Wolfe's homicidal tendencies...

Genres: Gay/Dark Fantasy/Werewolf/Vampire//The Arts/BDSM (Light)
Heat Level: 3
Length: Novella (21k words) 

Read a short excerpt...

...“Quiet!” Ambrosio snapped.

Mr. Wolfe loved his partner’s forcefulness and almost came when Ambrosio dragged him by the arms up toward the headboard. In one swift motion, he cuffed Mr. Wolfe’s right hand to the bedpost. Another tug on his left hand and that became secured, too.

He knelt beside Mr. Wolfe, his hard cock looking delicious and inviting, but Mr. Wolfe knew better than to try stealing a taste. His whole body jolted when Ambrosio bent down and sucked first the right nipple into his mouth, then the left.

Mr. Wolfe knew what was coming next and almost screamed when the nipple clamps came down on each one. Pain rippled through him, followed by a wave of pleasure as Ambrosio sweetened the deal by reaching down to stroke his cock. Mr. Wolfe could see the haze of desire in his man’s eyes.

Ambrosio leaned over and began to suck him once again.

“Open your legs,” he demanded. Mr. Wolfe obeyed him, gasping with pleasure when Ambrosio began to lick and suck his asshole.

“Swarovski back pearl.” Ambrosio lifted his head and swung a long silver chain over Mr. Wolfe’s mouth. “Suck it, Wolfie.”

Mr. Wolfe stared up at one of his favorite sex toys. He’d never experienced bottom jewelry until Ambrosio introduced it into their lives. The black pearl was perfect. Around the size of a dime, he could see its sparkle even in the candlelight. Four other smaller pearls moved up along the chain. Ambrosio let the first one fall into Mr. Wolfe’s mouth. As the cold pearl touched his tongue, Mr. Wolfe sucked it, feeling the smaller balls linked behind it rubbing against his lips.


Mr. Wolfe opened his mouth and Ambrosio removed the pearl. He began rubbing the chain against Mr. Wolfe’s hole as he licked and sucked his reaching cock. With a flourish, he inserted the pearls into Mr. Wolfe, wrapping the dangling chain around his cock and scrotum. He leaned back, examining his handiwork.

Ambrosio gently flicked the right nipple clamp and then the left. The flicks grew a little more aggressive and Ambrosio leaned down, sucking Mr. Wolfe once more. Suddenly the clamping, the pressure in Mr. Wolfe’s balls and cock seemed to surge through his body, to his nipples and up to his throat. Fire consumed him. The need to come, the insatiable desire to be fucked made him sweat.

He thought he would shoot before Ambrosio got a chance to shove his way inside him, but Ambrosio pulled on the cock-chain now, making Mr. Wolfe yelp in a jolt of pleasure-pain.

“Wait.” Ambrosio’s voice was a growl.

Mr. Wolfe nodded, unable to speak... 

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Club Arrest by D.J. Manly

Vampire Richard’s membership in the Immortal Police Squad (IPS), along with managing his dance bar called Club Arrest, is his motivation to keep on living. It also doesn’t hurt that his partner, Caleb, is a hunky stripper who just happens to be a werewolf.

But when their beloved handler on the Vegas PD is killed, Richard suspects foul play. And in the sin-drenched city, foul play is everywhere just waiting to ambush them.

Caleb tells Richard not to stress when they are told they have a new handler named Christopher Light, but Richard hasn’t had a lot of luck in the past with handlers. When Christopher turns out not to be a stranger after all, but someone with whom Richard once had a hot night of sex, Richard suspects he and Caleb are being set up.

For these immortals, mobsters and vampires make life complicated in the city of Vegas, not to mention playing fun sex games and maybe even falling in love...

Genres: Gay/Dark Fantasy/Werewolf/Vampire//Mystery/Detective/BDSM (Light)/Menage (MMM)/Group Sex/Voyeurism
Heat Level: 3
Length: Novella (21k words) 

Read a short excerpt...

...I could hear Caleb laugh and it brought comfort. I actually liked the wolf I was partnered with this time. That was nice. Now, if only we could meet this Christopher guy. It would relieve my mind about a variety of things.

A half hour later, my staff was in position and people were coming in. The DJ, Marie, an import from L.A., was up there playing today’s hits, some of which I liked, and others…well…I didn’t get the talking songs. I figured one didn’t talk to music but what did I know? Caleb would just say I was old, which was true. I was old.

It was a Friday and the place was packed to capacity. I went outside later to check the line. The doorman was only letting in a few at a time as others guests left. We had a 4000 person capacity. I didn’t want to pay a fine. Inspectors were always coming around.

Danny Love was a huge guy, a former wrestler. No one messed with him. When he saw me, he lifted a hand. “Hey, boss. We’re popular tonight.”

I saw that the line went around the corner. “I guess.” We were popular every night. “Caleb would say it was all because of him.” I sniggered.

He laughed. “Yep. Maybe so.”

“Want anything? I’ll have one of the waiters bring you something, water, a snack?”

“No thanks, boss. But I would like to go to the can. My teeth are floatin’.”

“Go,” I told him. “I’ll stay.” I often forgot about those things humans needed to do from time to time. I had to be more sensitive. That’s what Caleb told me.

A few minutes later, Danny was back. I had ushered a few more people in when a gang came out, and apologized to the others. Most were willing to wait. Luckily it was a nice evening, even a cool breeze wafted across the desert, giving some relief from the heat that day.

I walked back in and stood watching some of the people dance. Then I took the stairs and watched Annette and Mona, two of my best dancers, enact some kind of simulated BSDM thing. They were beautiful women who enjoyed each other on and off stage.

Over on the other end, Steve, the hot, African American guy Caleb was dying to shag, had the crowd spellbound. He was bumping and grinding on the floor of his platform in only a G-string. I watched him for far longer than I should have, then saw Caleb jump up on the stage to join him, his body oiled up, tight briefs hiding little.

The spectators cheered when Caleb pushed Steve to his knees in front of him. Steve took off Caleb’s briefs with his teeth. That was pretty hot. Then he went about doing a great impersonation of a guy giving head. Every though it wasn’t real, it got me hot. I could almost feel Caleb’s mouth on my shaft, but that would have to wait.

Caleb was playing his role really well, eyes closed, hips prone. He did a mute cry with head back, and mouth open, then pushed Steve away. Steve then proceeded to wipe his mouth with a giant sweep of his hand across his mouth, then he licked his lips. Exquisite!

The crowd went crazy with catcalls and whistles as Caleb got Steve on all fours and proceeded to ram the hell out of his ass, or at least act like he was.

Caleb looked over at me and winked at one point and I gave him a thumbs up. It was over too soon as far as the crowd was concerned. Caleb wiped the sweat off his chest with a towel and walked off the stage. I joined him in the dressing room as Steve carried on dancing around and making love to the pole.

“Steve has told me on more than one occasion he’d love a threesome,” Caleb announced, pulling on shorts.

I leaned against the door and gave Caleb an innocent look. “Is that so?”

“It is so. How about tonight? He’ll stay if I ask.”

“It’s an idea,” I replied. An idea I really liked...

Monday, 13 May 2013

Canines, Crosshairs and Corpses by Angel Martinez

What's a Lord of the Dead to do? Hades' bride of several thousand years has served him with divorce papers and she doesn't just want him out of her life, she wants the palace and the dog, too. Hades' nephews and his faithful ferryman, Charon, are determined to find their uncle something to distract him before he expires of brooding misery.

Tiberius Snyder had a good future, until his mother dies and his employer shuts down. When he finds himself alone with nowhere to live, he turns to panhandling and to drink, depression slowly killing him.

He just wants a place to sleep out of the cold wind, but Death finds him in a dirty alley. Odd. Ti never thought Death would be so hot... 

Genres: Gay/Contemporary Fantasy/Action/Adventure/Mystery/Detective
Heat Level: 2
Length: Extended Novella (40k words) 

Read a short excerpt...

...“My lord, I don’t think this is how it’s usually done,” Charon protested as he trailed Hades into the complex’s garage. “Client contact first. Then case. Then investigate.”

“How will clients know to rely on us if we have nothing to our credit?” Hades thumbed the button on his car remote and the Viper flashed its lights in eager welcome. “And it isn’t only the wealthy that need justice. Those who can pay for our services, will. Those who can’t, shouldn’t need to wait for the authorities to care.”

“Point taken. Just don’t start calling yourself the Dark Knight.”

He regarded Charon across the car’s roof with a puzzled frown. “Why would I?”

“Never mind, my lord. Idle chatter.”

Despite Charon’s odd, opaque sense of humor, he was a practical being and had suggested that the Viper might attract unwanted attention in places where they might not wish to be remembered.

He stroked the Viper’s hood and whispered, “Aoratos.” The metal beast obediently faded from sight.

“I do wish you would wait until we were in the car.”

“It’s not as if the door has moved.”

Charon had developed the disturbing and thoroughly modern habit of rolling his eyes, which he did just prior to fumbling the door open and vanishing inside.

The police radio, on which they had first heard the reports, had been an interesting addition to their home. Most of the condominium’s contents had been in place prior to their arrival, ordered by certain nephews and nieces who were all excited about helping Uncle Hades as if he were some sort of new challenge to their collective ingenuity.

Hermes had chosen most of the furniture, heavy, masculine pieces in dark, soothing colors. Dio had stocked both pantry and refrigerator, with as much thought to pleasing food as to drink. Hephaestus, after coaxing from his brothers, had chosen artwork for the walls and sculptural pieces both decorative and useful, some of which he had forged himself. Aphrodite had been more than pleased to be included in the boys’ project, insisting that they leave the choice of dishes, glassware, and linens to her.

But the radio, Charon had produced. Once he explained its uses, Hades found it not only a valuable addition but also a fascinating window into his new city. The codes were a bit of a mystery, at first, but Charon located information on his infernal all-knowing machine that explained them. After that, the calls served as a map and timekeeper of lawbreaking, showing where and when certain crimes happened with the greatest frequency.

At the first murder, a knifing, Charon had shrugged. “The very poor are susceptible to violence, my lord. Theft, drugs, simple bad luck. A man without a home has few defenses.”

The second murder of a homeless man, a shooting, still left his faithful ferryman unconvinced. “They hardly seem related, my lord. Different parts of town. Different methods.”

But Hades kept all the details tucked in a corner of his mind, so by the third murder in four days, a strangling this time, he was ready to act.

“You’re suggesting a systematic extermination, my lord?” Charon had asked in alarm.

“I suggest nothing on such sparse knowledge. But we need to be out there. To feel the flows of minds and hearts. Something is amiss here.”

While Charon protested, he didn’t press. They had known each other too long for that. As he eased the invisible Viper out onto the street, their first foray into investigation began... 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

New reviews

New reviews for recent pax releases!

At Brief Encounters, Jenre gave Charitable Giving by Heidi Champa a B, applauding the author for successfully writing a miscommunication story and still keeping sympathy for the characters.

Test Drive by L.A. Witt received 4 kisses from Jerry at Top 2 Bottom Reviews, saying it was "so hot, the sex scenes left me tired and needing a cigarette!"

Thommie at MM Good Book Reviews gave Aria of the Eclipse by Vivien Dean 4 hearts, calling it so very unique and romantic.