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Friday, 21 August 2015

Return to Atsileigh by Deirdre O'Dare

The sequel to Amber Allure’s Best Seller Treading Dangerous Ground...

Some years ago, Hightower’s Betrayal ended the existing settlement of old world Native Americans on the obscure world of Atsileigh. But was Hightower the betrayer or the betrayed?

Floyd Jaxon, Nathan No Horses, and Jamison Hightower, nephew of the earlier Hightower, meet as cadets at the Unifleet Training base. They alternately razz each other and share in some steamy interludes as they are drawn into the growing plot to mark Hightower’s Betrayal with a return to Atsileigh.

Can their budding friendship withstand the dangers and demands they must face? Will Nate’s contempt for the Hightower name destroy any chances for a long-term connection among them? The future looms ahead, filled with threat and promise. How the three young men grow to deal with it and each other will impact them all...

Genres: Gay/Science Fiction/Futuristic/Action/Adventure/Menage (M/M/M)/Group Sex/ Exhibitionism/Public Places
Heat Level: 3
Length: Novella (19k words) 

Read a short excerpt...

...Floyd drew his right arm out from under his own body and stretched it down along his side. And also Nate’s, since there wasn’t a breath of space between them. Floyd heard Nate suck in a fast breath as he began to dance his fingers along Nate’s ribs and then slipped them into the waist of his pants, wiggling them along the top curve of his ass.

Nate did have a nice ass—hard and compact, but with enough muscle to shape some pleasing contours. A lot of the girls had noticed it, and some of the guys. Nobody called him “duck butt” although the thought might have crossed a mind or two. For a tall, lean man, he had a great rear view.

Floyd felt the near-silent chuckle shake Nate’s body. It didn’t take two breaths for him to catch on. His left arm wormed its way down to slide under Floyd’s body, into the hollow where his right leg met his torso. That put Nate’s fingertips right there, close to the throbbing prick that betrayed his arousal.

“Something we can do to pass the time, eh?” Nate’s whisper came very close as he angled his head toward Floyd’s. Then the tip of Nate’s tongue traced along the edge of his ear, a moist, tickling tease. The shiver went straight south. Oh man, maybe this was not such a good idea after all…

But he had to admit he’d been thinking about sex with Nate, just not the notion of doing it in a place like this, outdoors and in the presence of a third person. Jamison appeared to be oblivious to what was going on, at least so far, but he didn’t seem like the dullest tomahawk in the medicine bundle. He’d figure it out quickly enough. Then what might happen?

Floyd was probably glowing in the dark, he felt so damned hot. Nate was really good at this. He’d probably seduced a hundred would-be lovers into willingness; he was that kind of a man. Floyd would be just another feather in his bonnet, but what the hell. They were all certified disease free. No worries. Sex was fun and one of the cheapest forms of recreation anyone had.

He pushed his hand deeper under the rear of Nate’s pants and slipped his fingers into the crack of Nate’s ass. Nate wiggled now, and as he turned on his side, Floyd shifted his hand to the front and went to work on Nate’s zipper. He could feel the throb of Nate’s cock under the cloth and freed it to spring into his hand. Yeah, two can play this game.

Nate took another quick hard breath and stilled his exploring hand, as Floyd wrapped his fingers around him and squeezed. Then Floyd slid the circling clasp from the base to right behind the head and back down his prick again.

Floyd had shifted until he lay almost on his left side, his back to Jamison. At that moment, Floyd felt Jamison close behind him. The other cadet had moved, too, without a sound. From shoulders to knees, his body now meshed against Floyd’s. He could feel Jamison’s erection against his butt, each heartbeat reflected in a twitch that seemed a little more forceful every time. Warm breath gusted across Floyd’s neck, and a hand eased the braid of hair aside so lips could find skin. Warm and soft, Jamison’s mouth nibbled along the tender area there.

Dee-lish!! Floyd bit his lip against the whimpers of delight that crowded his throat. Too much excitement. It’s just too much!...

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