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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Goodbye Town by T.A. Chase

Duke Smith is ready to leave Granter’s Corner, the little backwater town in which he’d lived for twenty-eight years. Since his mother has recently died and his father’s in prison, there’s no need for him to stick around. His only good memories of the place are those moments spent with Evan Harper, his boyhood friend and first love. Evan left when they were eighteen, and while Duke never resented him for it, he has missed him.

Evan Harper is on his way to San Diego where his SEAL team has been stationed, but he has to make one stop along the way. He’s missed only one thing from his life in Granter’s Corner, and that’s Duke Smith. When they reconnect, Evan is thrilled to know their feelings haven’t changed during the years they were apart.

Duke already has plans to relocate to the coast, and moving in with Evan is a golden opportunity he can’t resist. Could fate be finally giving them a chance now that both of them have said goodbye to the past?

Genres: Gay/Contemporary/Action/Adventure
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (17k words) 

Read a short excerpt...

...The silence between them was comfortable, as though there hadn’t been a time when they hadn’t been together like this. The whistle of the night train grew louder, prompting Duke to put down his food and grab a beer before moving to where he could see the tracks.

Evan stood and walked over to join Duke, leaning against him hard enough that Duke lifted his arm to lay it over Evan’s shoulder. It’s like we haven’t been apart. They had some talking to do, but not tonight and not here. They’d never talked when they came to the clearing. Watching the night train go by had been the excuse they used if they were ever caught together, but really they’d come there for more intimate things.

He tapped his bottle against Evan’s, then took a sip. Evan glanced at the bottle.

“I never thought I’d see you drinking anything other than PBR,” Evan teased.

“We drank what we could sneak out with, and that was what my momma liked to drink. It wasn’t a beer I liked.” He took a deep breath, then admitted, “I only liked it when I could taste it on your lips.”
Evan stiffened for a second, then relaxed. “Yeah. It was the same with me. I drink Corona now, or whatever shit my teammates buy. Discovered I can’t stand the taste of PBR.”

Duke smiled. “I wonder if it would be different if we were drinking it together.”

“Maybe we can test that theory sometime soon.”

He didn’t protest when Evan took his beer from him and set it and his on the ground at the edge of the blanket. Looking down into Evan’s eyes, he remembered all the times they’d stood like this. He’d always been taller than Evan, but he’d never thought of Evan as smaller or weaker than him. Hell, even back before Evan enlisted, he could’ve kicked Duke’s ass, and had, a couple of times when they’d gotten mad at each other. His eyes drifted closed when Evan cradled his face in his rough hands.

“I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, Duke. Hoping and praying I’d get another chance to kiss you.” Evan’s breath whispered over Duke’s lips as he encouraged Duke to bend.

Duke wasn’t inclined to fight since he felt the same way. Their mouths touched, and it seemed like they hadn’t parted ways all those years ago. As he took it deeper, sweeping his tongue in to taste the beer and horseradish, Duke felt the subtle changes. Evan wasn’t as hesitant about where to put his hands or how much power to use when he crushed Duke against him. He gripped Duke’s ass, dragging his groin over Duke’s erection.

“Oh God, Evan,” Duke moaned, letting his head drop to the side and offering up more of his skin for Evan to kiss. “It’s been too long.”

He felt Evan freeze, then ease back a few inches. Opening his eyes, he found Evan staring at him with concern shining in his eyes.

“How long?”

Duke laughed when he realized what Evan was thinking. He patted Evan’s chest. “Don’t worry. I’ve had sex since you left. Hell, the last time was three days ago. I just meant it’s been too long for you and me.”

“Oh.” Evan looked relieved, then his eyes narrowed. “Who was the guy?”

“No. You don’t need to know that. First of all, it really isn’t any of your business, and second of all, he’s not out. He’s not married or dating anyone either, which is why I had sex with him. If he’d been either of those two, it wouldn’t have happened. I won’t let anyone cheat with me.” Duke steadily met Evan’s intense gaze.

“How do you know I don’t have someone waiting for me? I mean I could just be passing through and wanting to get my rocks off with an old friend before I continue on.” Evan leered.

He laughed. “You’re made just like me, Evan. Built loyal. You wouldn’t screw around on anyone, not even with me. You do notice I didn’t ask?”

Nodding, Evan stepped back without saying anything else. He lightly bit Duke’s chin, then returned to trailing kisses along Duke’s throat...

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