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Monday, 3 August 2015

Always the Perfect Moment by K-lee Klein

(Book 1 of the Perfect Moments series)

Bryan Monroe took a chance when he told Chrys Delos, his best friend and partner on the police force, that he loved him, but he never thought he’d get so lucky when Chrys returned the feelings. Now, although he and Chrys are over-the-moon happy, Bryan wants to take their relationship to the next level in two big ways.

Chrys has healed nicely from the gunshot wound that could have cost him his life. But now that it’s time for him to return to work, he and his partner-turned-lover must navigate their new relationship on the job.

It’s one thing to clearly define the love they feel for each other, but it could be an entirely new challenge when they tell their friends and family about the change in their partnership...

Genres: Gay/Contemporary/Series
Heat Level: 3
Length: Novella (25k words) 

Read a short excerpt...

...“You ready for today?”

Chrys Delos cautiously cracked one eye open to see a sleep-creased but gorgeously bed-headed Bryan Monroe grinning over his shoulder. Shifting sluggishly to his back, he squinted up at the man who hovered deliciously over him. It was too damn bright or just too damn early to be so damn bright, and it wasn’t until that moment that he realized he’d become lazy during his time off, especially after a slow, meandering week in Greece with his pops.

His flight had been late, finally bringing him home at three in the morning instead of ten at night. And Bryan had been there, bleary-eyed and half asleep, holding up the wall near the baggage claim. He’d been there despite the lateness, despite having to work in the morning, despite Chrys insisting he and his dad could easily take a taxi.

Of course, Chrys had secretly wanted him to be there. He’d never had a boyfriend wait for him anywhere, let alone under such horrible circumstances. Even being half-dead with jet lag, hungry, thirsty, sore from sitting in one place so long, Bryan had instantly cured him of all his ailments.

“Hey, eyes open.”

Chrys did as he was instructed. Fortunately, he wasn’t subjected to the harsh light again as Bryan leaned down to press their sleepy smiles together. Their first kiss of the day was unhurried, soft and unrepentant of their shared morning breath. They’d worked that out from the beginning. If they wanted to kiss before freshening up, then they would damn well do it. And they did…three times before Bryan spoke again.

“Think you can handle all that responsibility? Paperwork, keeping the coffee flowing, and answering the phone.” Bryan’s grin was infectious even if Chrys was the butt of the jokes. “You better be on your toes. Who knows how many little old ladies will call about their poor kitties getting caught in a tree.”

With a growl and roll, Chrys straddled Bryan in one easy motion. “I think you have me confused with a hot fireman from one of your calendars.”

His shoulder felt pretty good, just a twinge when the muscles contracted or he moved it too quickly. He knew how lucky he’d been in the shooting, also knew what a jackass move he’d made that could have got him killed. Bryan, and then Pops, had been sure to knock that into his head once and for all, and more than a few times.

And Chrys wasn’t an idiot. He knew sound, and more or less threatening, advice when he heard it. No more putting himself in danger for others if it could cause detriment to himself because the second worse thing in the world would be dying now that he had what he wanted. The first, of course, was losing Bryan. Life was short, too short to be stupid and inattentive.

His new life goal had been one of the reasons he’d spent a week in Greece with his dad. And seeing the joy on the old guy’s face had been a reward for Chrys, a token to Pops for all the worry Chrys had put him through. He’d really wanted Bryan to come along but the short notice hadn’t made it plausible.

Next time, Chrys told himself.

In a sick sort of way, getting shot had proven to have its benefits, as well—namely Chrys’ partner going from best friend to lover. The outcome had been nothing short of amazing and more than Chrys could ever have hoped for...

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