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Friday, 14 December 2012

Wallflowers by Sean Michael

Ryan Coulter is a sports science graduate, who's deep in the closet. Returning to his college town to be in a frat buddy's wedding, he discovers he still has feelings for his old college lover, Daniel James Delout. Too bad he's still in the closet and DJ most definitely is not, the main reason why they broke up in the first place. To complicate matters further, DJ is now blind, and is, somehow, almost maddeningly Zen about the blindness, Ryan, everything.

Can Ryan ignore his stronger-than-ever attraction to DJ and just get through the wedding rehearsal, ceremony, and reception? Does he even want to? And what happens if he and DJ do reconnect? After all, he’s still in the closet...right?

Genres: Gay/Contemporary
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (16k words)

Read a short excerpt...

...Ryan walked into St. Ignatius church. He knew he was late for Brian and Anne’s wedding rehearsal, but there was little he could do about it. His flight had been delayed by more than four hours and, frankly, he was lucky to have made it here at all.

At least he wasn’t the best man, just one of four ushers to stand with Brian, frat brothers all of them.

He looked to the front of the church, grinning at Brian. He would have recognized the man anywhere. Sure, Brian had put on some weight, but he still looked pretty much just as he had when they’d been in Phi Kappa Epislon together.

Next to Brian was a man he didn’t know, but guessed was Anne’s brother, the best man. And next to him the three other ushers. Derek, Will, and DJ.

Daniel James Delout. Fuck, the man looked good.

Not that Ryan was biased or anything. In fact it would have been easier if DJ was the one with the extra weight or something, anything to take away from the blond, blue-eyed good looks.

They’d had a thing back in college. Okay, it had been more than a thing, but he’d been so scared back then, refusing to come out, worried all the time that someone would discover their secret.

He thought he’d put it behind him, thought that seven years was more than enough time to erase the old feelings. He’d thought wrong. The minute he saw DJ his belly clenched, and his heartbeat sped into a rapid tattoo.

If Brian hadn’t already caught sight of him and started waving for him to come up and join the wedding party, Ryan might have slipped out and skipped the rehearsal altogether.

It was too late now, though, and he headed for the wedding party, taking his place at the end, beside DJ. He aimed a quiet, “Sorry, I couldn’t help it,” to the bride and groom.

“We got the text. No stress.” Anne was as pretty as a picture, with a smile that would stop a clock. “Besides, DJ was in the same pickle. Both of you stuck in Toronto; that stinks.”

He glanced over at DJ, surprised. There’s no way they could have been on the same flight into town; he would have noticed the man. DJ shrugged, but didn’t look over, just smiled a soft, almost secretive grin.

Well, that wasn’t awkward at all.

He sighed and shot Anne a smile. If this had been anyone but Brian, he would have found an excuse not to come. Now he was wishing he hadn’t been able to get time away from the team or something.

“Okay, DJ, is Walter going to be with you for the ceremony?”

“He doesn’t have to be, but he is helpful.”

Oh wow. Ryan hadn’t expected to be as affected by DJ as he was when he saw the man again, but he really hadn’t anticipated the kick in his gut to hear that DJ was with someone and had not only brought the guy, but Anne was offering to have him at the fucking ceremony.

“Brian?” Anne asked, turning to her husband-to-be.

“Honey, it’s your day. Is it going to bother you?”

Anne’s laugh rang out. “Well, it’s not like he’s going to pee on the alter, he’s better trained than DJ.”

Ryan’s mouth dropped open at her comment. He’d walked into fucking wonderland here.

Everyone else laughed, though, then DJ whistled. “Walter, get your fuzzy butt over here.”

A beautiful, large golden retriever with a service dog harness stood and headed right for DJ.



“What?” The word shot out of Ryan’s mouth and it was everything he could do not to clap his hand over his lips...

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