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Friday, 21 December 2012

More about Wallflowers

This was my first time participating in a PAX (yes, amber got one of the few cherries I have left!) and I enjoyed it. It’s a neat concept – having five authors writing from a common theme, but obviously the stories wind up being quite different.

The theme of That Old Gang of Mine was appealing to me, because I enjoy the trope of old lovers meeting again unexpectedly and maybe not being as over each other as they’d assumed they were.

Wallflowers also has a blind character in it and it was really neat imagining what effect that would have on all the other senses – would sex be better because you weren’t looking, just feeling and smelling and hearing?

Ryan Coulter is a sports science graduate, who's deep in the closet. Returning to his college town to be in a frat buddy's wedding, he discovers he still has feelings for his old college lover, Daniel James Delout. Too bad he's still in the closet and DJ most definitely is not, the main reason why they broke up in the first place. To complicate matters further, DJ is now blind, and is, somehow, almost maddeningly Zen about the blindness, Ryan, everything.

Can Ryan ignore his stronger than ever attraction to DJ and just get through the rehearsal, wedding and reception? Does he even want to? And what happens if he and DJ do reconnect? After all, he¹s still in the closet, right?


Adult excerpt:

He dumped his bag in his room, pocketed the key, and knocked on DJ’s door.


“Yeah, it’s me.” It was a little unreal, being in a hotel room with DJ.

“Come on in.” The lights were off and the curtains closed, the room super dark. Walter woofed at him, softly, the sound almost friendly.

“Hi, Walter. Is it okay to pet him?” He knew it wasn’t always okay to pet a working animal. “And can I turn on the light?”

“Absolutely. He’s not working and sure. I couldn’t find the switch.”

“It’s over here, on the wrong side of the door.” He took DJ’s hand and showed him where the switch was and they flipped it on together. He told himself he was ignoring the way his hand seemed to tingle where their skin touched.

“Thanks, Ry.” DJ smiled, and the man was right there, so kissable.

He blinked at the thought and froze for a half second. Then he groaned, and pressed their lips together. DJ went stiff, hands flailing for a second before they found his shoulders. His own hands found DJ’s trim waist, slid around it. Oh, fuck. He was kissing Daniel James Delout. Again.

It was just as hot as he’d remembered, on those nights where he jacked himself in the dark, lost in memories. Moaning into the kiss, he slid his tongue along Daniel’s lips, begging entrance. Those sweet, hungry lips opened up to him, let him in, let him taste. That had him moaning again; no one had ever tasted as good as DJ.

DJ’s hands moved, slowly, down his arms, the touch burning, heated, and he felt like he was starving for it. He leaned forward, gently pushing DJ up against the wall, his prick firming up quickly.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” DJ murmured the words against his lips, so soft.

“Yes.” It was the first thing that popped into his head, and out of his mouth. It was the truth. No matter what else happened, he still loved DJ and he still wanted the man. Badly.

And what if DJ didn’t?

Gasping, he took a half step back. “But if you don’t…”

“Honey, I’m willing to have a nice, friendly fuck. I won’t out you.”

“Shh.” He didn’t want to talk about it. He didn’t want to think about it. He just wanted to feel, he wanted to touch and to kiss and to have DJ in his arms. He closed their lips together again, hands moving around to grab DJ’s ass. DJ dived in, the kiss sure and confident, hands cupping his face. He pulled DJ to him, the long, slender body fitting just like he remembered.

DJ’s fingers moved over him, like the man was mapping him. A part of him wanted to hump madly against the wall, but a bigger part wanted him to take his time, to explore and enjoy, so he started slowly walking them back toward the bed.

“Don’t let me fall.”

“Won’t.” He had DJ.

DJ nodded and held onto him until they hit the mattress.

They sat together and he started working DJ’s clothes off, fingers finding the man’s buttons and pulling them out of their holes. DJ’s fingers traced his lips, his jaw. He chased them with his mouth, nipping at them. Oh, fuck, this felt better than anything had in so long.

“Stop it, man. Let me see you.”

“What?” It took him a minute to figure out what DJ had meant by that. “Oh. Sorry.” God, he kept screwing up.

“Don’t apologize. I just…I want to see if you look the same.” DJ winked. “You’ve gotten more nervous.”

“It’s been seven years and I was an ass. Plus I did slam your head against the car window back there…” He was lucky DJ wasn’t calling him a fucking coward asshole and kicking him to the curb.

“I learned that you can’t make someone come out. Kiss me again.”

Ryan decided to just shut up and do as DJ asked. He brought their mouths together and focused on how good the kiss was.

Sean Michael
Smut fixes everything


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  1. I'm looking forward to reading this one. I'm always fascinated by characters who have a different sensory experience to life, whether it's by choice or not. Thanks for sharing! :)