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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Story Behind the Story: DOORS OF TIME by KC Kendricks

One of the biggest blessings in my life has been living in a small community. Life in the country has made me who I am today. Maybe city slickers would consider me a “hick” because I still ride my bicycle and I still play in the creek, but simple country pleasures are deeply ingrained in my way of life. That's not to say that we don't have our share of culture. There are several larger towns within easy driving distance of my home. In fact the District of Columbia and Baltimore, Maryland, are each about an hour and a half drive away, depending on traffic.

When I was growing up, my parents were more than willing to drive my girlfriends and me into town on Saturday afternoons for a movie, and the place we frequently went was the Maryland Theatre. My friends and I were bad moviegoers- we talked a lot - and I’ve noticed teenage girls haven’t changed much since the 1970s. But all that aside, the Maryland Theatre was a special place for all of us.

I remember the day in 1974 the Maryland Theatre burned. Living on the side of the mountain way we do, we could see the smoke as it blanketed the town. A few quick phone calls to relatives living in town got us the story on what happened. An arsonist did the dirty work in the night. We weren't sure how badly the theater was damaged but as it turned out the fire had burned to the front of the building. What came after when the building sat empty and open to the elements was just as destructive as the blaze. For all intents and purposes the Maryland Theatre was gone.

But now remember when I said what a blessing it is to live in a small community? A local funeral director bought the building to save it from being demolished for the one million bricks the structure held. A community group got to work on restorations, and in 1978 the Maryland Theatre reopened in all her neoclassical glory and she remains open to this day. She is now home to the Maryland Symphony Orchestra, and the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts, as well as hosting musical productions and shows such as Ron White's Comedy Tour.

The creative process is often a mystery. I don't know why I thought about the Maryland Theatre when I sat down to plan the story, Doors of Time. But like with many of my stories all I needed was that one little kernel for the characters to spring to life. So there's a little bit of real life in this one, and at the heart of it sits the old movie house and the echoes of friendships forged that have lasted a lifetime. I hope you'll enjoy Doors of Time.


Calvin Lawson arrived in Clear River to rebuild bridges with his ailing father, not hook up with Emory Fleming, although being an honest man, he has to admit Emory’s on his mind. But first things first, and before he goes looking for his boyhood friend, he needs to find a restoration project to generate personal income so he’s not sponging off his father. Gutted by an arsonist, the Clocktower Theatre, affectionately called the Time by everyone in town, is in dire need of his special skills.

As an on-the-air journalist, Emory Fleming is making a name for himself and getting noticed. He’s back in Clear River at the local network affiliate, preparing for the move up to a major market in a few years. When Calvin Lawson rolls back into town, Emory’s stunned. The old pal he worked with at the Time kept a big secret - he’s gay. All the fantasies Emory had as a teenager about Calvin suddenly become real as he and Calvin reconnect and quickly become lovers.

Calvin’s planned restoration of the Clocktower Theatre may not be a practical possibility. He has to secure a lot of funding to do the job properly, and money is tight everywhere. When Emory’s big break comes faster than anticipated, Calvin sees only one option - step aside so Emory will accept the job he’s always wanted. It doesn’t take for Emory long to figure out why Calvin walked out, and put in action a plan to win him back before the doors of time close between them permanently.


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