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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Another taste of Choices

‘Choices’ is my first Pax release and I can still remember how good it felt when I received the invitation to write for the Pax collections. I also remember how many ideas I trawled through before I found one that I wanted to work on. I know from experience how choices – good and bad – can affect one’s life and having made a spectacularly bad one once I know precisely what I’m talking about! Luckily I was able to work my way past that and get my life back on what for me equates to an even keel.

Here’s another glimpse into my novella, ‘Choices’:


Everything seemed to have come to a head in his life over the last few weeks, with a promotion at work, a new place to live and the acceptance he most definitely and exclusively liked guys.

With a contented smile, James pulled open the drawer in the hall table and started sorting through it, tossing stuff he no longer wanted into the waste bin and placing things he wanted to keep in the small cardboard box. Stuffed under the take-out leaflets at the right side of the drawer, he found an envelope. He frowned, not remembering how it got there. He was surprised to see it was unopened and, turning it over, he immediately recognized the writing as Ben’s. He glanced at the post date and realized he’d had it for over six months and had never even opened it.

He remembered coming home from work late one evening, with just enough time to get changed and meet a date for dinner. There had been a few letters waiting for him and he’d just chucked them in the hall table drawer to read the next day. Which he had done, or thought he had. Somehow, when he removed the envelopes, this one had been left behind and it must have eventually become mixed in with the menus, until it ended up at the bottom of the pile.

With a sense of guilt, it occurred to James he hadn’t received any more letters from Ben. He had written regularly since James had left, tailing off to once a month over the last year, clearly in response to James’ increasingly dilatory letter writing habits. With a twinge of guilt, James admitted he could hardly remember the last time he had written to Ben. Obviously, Ben had had enough and stopped writing. James’ guilt jumped up a notch.


Available now at Amber Allure.

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