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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Door Keeper by Hurri Cosmo

The Minneapolis/St. Paul 77th police precinct has been labeled a group of misfits, but it's actually rather unfair. In reality, the precinct has plenty of talent in its midst...paranormal talent. Of course, no one on the outside really knows that. And Nick, the boss of the 77th, keeps his team busy chasing, capturing, and returning to where they belong all those creepy-crawly things that tend to go bump in the night. Together, the officers of the 77th keep the twin cities safe and totally unaware that doors to other realms even exist, while Nick, the Door Keeper, maintains order in what would otherwise be chaos.

But chaos has materialized in the form of a dangerous vampire. Viciously brutal, he is a killing machine and must be stopped at all costs. So the last thing Nick needs is another partner, especially one as sexy and distracting as Arrain.

Yet Arrain intends to be far more than just a partner. He has come to be paired with Nick, something Nick cannot allow, mainly because he has a secret that he intends to keep.

Arrain, however, has a few secrets of his own, and one thing he knows is that the vampire intends to not only kill the Door Keeper, but to take his power. Now, Arrain might be the only one who can save Nick, and the twin cities, from total destruction. 

Genres: Gay/Dark Fantasy/Vampire/Paranormal/Mystery/Detective/Suspense/Thriller/             Action/Adventure
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Novella (36k words) 

Read a short excerpt...

...Arrain took two more steps, which brought him right into Nick’s personal space. Nick closed his eyes and breathed in Arrain’s scent. Somehow he had committed it to memory during that short, almost adolescent, make-out session they’d had had back in the alley. And now all he wanted to do was submit to this man who dominated his every thought by simply being in front of him.

But having his eyes closed was not good. How could he take in the nakedness of the god with his eyes closed? Except when he did open them, his whole field of vision was taken up by Arrain’s eyes. Then his lips were on his and Arrain’s tongue was pushing through them and into him. Oh! How could a tongue feel so good? Nick noticed Arrain’s arms circling around him and pulling him close. Somehow Nick’s arms were already around Arrain’s neck. When had he done that? Did it matter? Their bodies were pressed together, chest to chest, groin to groin and wait! What the hell were Nick’s arms doing up so high? There was naked flesh to fondle and touch and squeeze and places where his fingers would be oh so happy to go. What was this towel still doing covering this man? Towels should be outlawed, done away with totally.

Oh! Wonderful fleshy cheeks that obeyed Nick’s hands when he moved them and kneaded them and pushed his digits down between them. Was that a moan coming from Arrain?

Yes! Oh, such sounds, like he was enjoying Nick’s hands on him. Nick certainly relished using his hands. And his fingers. There. His opening. Could he push inside? Just a little?

“What are you doing?” Arrain’s voice was raspy as he pulled out of the kiss.

“Investigating.” Nick wished he had lube here, condoms. Damn. He hadn’t been with anyone in so long that he didn’t even carry any with him.

Arrain looked down on Nick. “You want to begin the pairing?”

“Wow. A true romantic.” Nick pushed his finger deeper. Arrain chuckled. Nick grunted. “Geez. You’re laughing. Also not the reaction I was going for.”

Arrain made a quick movement backward, which dislodged Nick’s finger. But what Arrain did next made Nick forget all about it. Arrain dropped to his knees and started to undo Nick’s pants. But, damn. He hadn’t showered and he really needed to. He stopped Arrain’s hands and stepped back.

“Wait, big guy. I need a shower first then we can play all we want.”

“No problem. I’ll help. It’ll go faster.”

It was Nick’s turn to chuckle as he finished with the button and fly on his pants. “I doubt that.”

“Okay. Let me change that statement. We’ll both come faster.”

“That what this pairing thing is, then? Slam, bam?” Nick stepped out of his filthy jeans, Arrain making it nearly impossible by moving closer to start unbuttoning his shirt. Once again his heady scent was driving Nick crazy.

“Well, this first time certainly will be for me. I’m so fucking hot, Nick. Seeing this body constantly, smelling you, wanting desperately to touch you all the time. I know I will not be able to hold out for long.”

Well, Nick had to admit, probably longer then he would.

And, yeah. The man was fucking hot.

Finally naked, Nick suddenly felt self-conscience about his older, skinnier body. His skin wasn’t tight anymore, he was pale everywhere, there were spots and scars. Nearly hairless except for his groin area, Nick was mortified when he saw all the gray mixed in with the black pubic hair. When the fuck had he turned old there? Shit. His heart beating wildly, he turned away, except now he was exposing his probably saggy old ass to the man of his dreams. His young dreams. Damn it...

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