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Monday, 18 May 2015

Eye for the Prize by Darcy Abriel

Detective Larke Ava doesn’t believe in magic or the paranormal. And he joined the Seattle PD in order to uncover and expose the unscrupulous, those like his mother and his brothers. Larke has few cherished memories of growing up on Vashon Island, except for the time he spent with his best friend, Roan Dwellen. But Roan, the adventurer, with a belief in the magical running deep in his veins, left the island when he was eighteen on a mission for his family—his Roma tribe—leaving Larke behind.

Now a part of Seattle’s 77th Precinct, Larke has been assigned a new case—to discover the secrets behind a recovered stolen artifact named the Eye of Anu. Little does Larke realize the unique artifact is about to change his life. Not only will it reunite him with the boyhood friend he has never forgotten, but it also draws the attention of dangerous foes, including his own family, who will stop at nothing to acquire it.

Soon, caught between the family he’s always tried to love but couldn’t, and the best friend he could not stop loving but doesn’t necessarily trust, and all the while tempered by his duty to the city he serves, Larke’s next move could mean live or death—especially his own.

Genres: Gay/Contemporary/Mystery/Detective/Paranormal
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (17k words) 

Read a short excerpt...

...Larke’s heart almost stopped beating. A rush of air left his lungs. And suddenly he knew all too well who was in the room with him. He went to turn on the table lamp next to the couch.

“No. Leave it off.”

“I want to see you, Roan. It’s been a while.”

“In a minute.”

“How did you get in?”

“I’ve developed skills, I guess you could say.”

“Breaking and entering?” Larke asked.

“Among others. For my line of work it comes in handy,” Roan responded.

Larke felt like he was still in a dream world. Could this be real? Was Roan really seated in his apartment here in Seattle? Or was it just part of the dream—the nightmare he’d only recently escaped.

Roan walked across the room and suddenly dropped to one knee before Larke. He reached out and ran a hand through Larke’s hair and Larke shuddered at the contact.

“Why are you here?” Larke asked. “Why now?”

“I think you know why,” Roan said.

“I have something you want,” Larke responded.

Roan stared into his eyes for a long moment. Shadow chased across his face. More mature, more knowing than he had been when he left the island so long ago. Something in that look had Larke’s heart turning over, right along with his stomach.

“Yes, you have something I want.” Roan’s hand tightened in Larke’s hair, holding him still as he leaned forward. “Aren’t you going to welcome me home?” he asked and then burned Larke through and through with a searing kiss that practically had his toes curling.

The fire in Larke’s belly roared to life after so many years. He wrapped his arms around Roan, still afraid it was all a dream, but suddenly not caring. In the moment. He just wanted to be in the moment. He didn’t care about the past, the future, right or wrong. None of that mattered. Without breaking the kiss, Roan shoved Larke back onto the couch, and stretched out over him. Larke’s cock sprang to life, hardening beneath the onslaught of sensations that rode through Larke.

Larke broke the kiss and stared up at Roan. Roan placed two fingers across his lips.

“Don’t say anything. Not now. Not yet. Do you have any idea how many nights I dreamed about this?” And then he kissed Larke again, and Larke forgot everything he was supposed to remember as he pulled Roan closer...

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