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Monday, 25 May 2015

Crazy Joe by D.J. Manly and A.J. Llewellyn

Anyone old enough remembers the cop shows of the 1970s. Columbo in his raincoat, Kojax and his lollypop, Baretta with his parrot, and the list goes on. The interesting thing about these shows, aside from the “whodunnit” aspect was that there was usually something very unique and often humorous about the characters. Who can forget the gorgeous Tom Selleck in Magnum P.I. and his constant problems with Higgins? Magnum was constantly in the dog house on the estate Robin Masters. We watched these shows and loved them as much for the antics as for the drama. 

One notable show from that era highlighting the comedic aspect of policing was Barney Miller. Abe Vigoda as Phil Fish, a character known for his world weary demeanor and persistent hemorrhoids is a prime example of how comedy is at its best set in a New York City Police station.

When A.J. and I decided to write a story for the Pax anthology called Tales from the 77th Precinct, we decided on New Orleans, as a colorful background for “Crazy Joe.”

In this story, we work with two very different young men. Montana Delray is a hero cop who has been a naughty boy and is punished by being transferred to the 77th, where all good cops go to die. The other young man is Joe, nicknamed “crazy” due to his sixth sense. He sees things. However in spite of his psychic talent, he doesn’t see Montana coming his way. Then…bang! We bring two very different guys together and do some voodoo!

So what do you get when you take a smokin’ bad boy cop like Montana Delray, yank him off his pedestal when he’s found with the boss’s son in the back room, and send him to the 77th  Precinct? You get a fun, sexy romance that will make you laugh and applaud. Reminiscent of the old 70s cop shows? Sure, but a lot sexier (no P.G!)

Crazy Joe: Synopsis and Purchase Link:

Montana Delray, a hot, good-looking New Orleans detective, had it made until his captain found him fooling around with his son at the office Christmas party. Even a gold shield and a medal for valor can’t save him from being busted down and transferred to the last place any cop wants to go—the 77th Precinct.

Detective Joe Hunter, nicknamed “Crazy Joe” because he has the sixth sense, flounders in a department where everyone has their “idiosyncrasies.” Then Montana Delray walks through the doors of the 77th and turns psychic Joe’s world upside down.

For the two mismatched detectives, is the 77th Precinct a nightmare or their destiny?

Genres: Gay / Contemporary / Mystery / Detective / Suspense / Thriller / Paranormal / Psychic Phenomena / Romantic Comedy
Heat Level: 3
Length: Novella (25k words)


In the station locker room, Montana and I stripped off our things and bagged them for evidence against Stanley. What he’d done to us definitely constituted assaulting a police officer. There were two showers in the men’s section of the precinct. I liked the idea of saving water and showering with Montana since I’m a thrifty kind of guy, but I doubted our coworkers would dig it.

Suddenly, Montana was over to me. He kissed my cheek.

“What was that for?” I asked, my voice coming out throaty and thick. I swear the temperature rose instantly. We were fogging up the little mirror in my locker.

“You handled Pumpincock so damned well.” Montana’s voice was hoarse. His towel fell and I caught a glimpse of the beautiful monster between his thighs.

Fuck! No wonder Ben Bauer was obsessed with him.

He leaned in and kissed me and his cock rose. I reached for it, but he took a little step back and bent to retrieve the towel, clearing his throat.

“Lib,” he muttered. I tried valiantly to hide my own half-hard cock behind the towel in my hand.

I looked to my left and noticed the token female cop in the precinct strutting over to us. Stacy might have taken pride in her nickname of Lib, but I found it disrespectful. Plus, she and her fuck-me pumps were stomping all over my parade.

“Well, well, well,” she said, with a sickening leer. “Buggering on duty?”

“Get the fuck out of here,” I told her. “You’re not supposed to come in here anymore, remember?”

Her jeering expression faltered. She’d been given two official warnings. She narrowed her gaze and pointed two fingers at me, then back toward herself.

“I’ll go, Crazy Joe, but I’m watching you.” She turned and took off again, tripping over the bagged clothes I’d left on the floor. Jesus, with her ass in the air and skirt hiked up, I could see she was commando. Eewww.

I helped her to her feet.

“Thanks.” She straightened her skirt and smoothed back her hair and walked off. By the time I turned back around, Montana was gone and I could hear the shower running on the other side of the lockers.

I stepped into the other stall, wondering if I’d ever get to give Montana a tongue bath. I soaped up and rinsed off quickly, then stepped out again, surprised to see Montana lolling on the other side of the shower door.

“Nice cock,” he said.

“Back atcha.”

We looked at each other and laughed.


Crazy Joe by A.J. Llewellyn & D.J. Manly is now available at Amber Allure.

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