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Thursday, 14 May 2015

A Love Told in Letters by Vivien Dean

Dear readers,

I feel like a neglectful mom at the moment, because I'm currently at RT and I've been wrapped up in that rather than promotion. But this place is insane, with stimuli coming at you from all directions, other authors talking about the craft we love, and everybody wanting to take you to a party. So while I might have been a little lax talking about Wild Fragile Vines on social media, there was never going to be any chance I wouldn't blog about it here.

See, this story gets to me. Hard. I jumped at the opportunity to join this pax because I loved the theme, but when I started writing, I knew from the beginning I wanted it to be an epistolary story. For those who might not recognize that term, epistolary fiction has traditionally been done in the form of letters. As technology has evolved, it's expanded to include any time of communications--e-mails and texts, for instance. You often find documents or news clippings or diary entries as part of the form, too. I've always loved epistolary fiction. There's an intimacy that gets provoked at the thought you're reading something meant to be private, and that's highly addictive.

The second time around theme seemed perfect for me to write what I'd been craving. In Wild Fragile Vines, Tim's story comes out in the form of the letters and nostalgia he held onto over the past eighteen years from Devin, his boss's son. All that time ago, Devin announced he had feelings for Tim, but Tim was uncomfortable with the fact that he was 31 and Devin was 20. Devin left Napa behind so he wouldn't have to face the object of his affection on a daily basis, but the two remained in contact, no matter where Devin went.

This is their story. The tendrils of their communications stretch across the country, reaching for the sun whenever they could, trying to find roots. It's a relationship forged through friendship and time, making it strong enough to weather the second time these two men met up again. 

I hope you love it. I do. 


Wild Fragile Vines by Vivien Dean is now available at Amber Allure.

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  1. I love books written in epistolary form...they are more emotional and more intimate than narrative form. And this one sounds beautiful...I hope all those years pay off in the end.