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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Living the Dream by Sean Michael

My contribution to the California Dreamin’ AmberPax is Living the Dream. 

That’s the expression that’s always used, isn’t it? I’m living the dream. What does it really mean, though? For most people I imagine it means a good job making lots of money, a partner, vacations… but when “living the dream” leads to stress and heart attack at an early age, Went is forced to go on vacation to re-evaluate his life. He’s not supposed to have brought work along, but really, it’s all Went knows at this point.

Then he meets Chip, who used to be just like him, but who has come up with a whole new meaning for living the dream. Chip is enjoying life and he’s healthy and happy and more than willing to have fun with Went as long as the man’s around.

At some point, the dream morphs again for both men – are they going to be up to the task when it does?

You’ll just have to read the book to find out!

Wentworth “Went" Dawson, young CEO and owner of Dawson Dynamics, is on an enforced vacation after suffering a mild heart attack. He has a list of foods he shouldn’t eat and a prescription for downtime, which is why he’s at Lake Tahoe, California, sitting in the hotel restaurant working on his laptop.

Chip knows all about life in the fast lane and heart attacks, the very reasons he sold his dot-com company six years ago and is now experiencing his own personal joy in the mountains, skiing, snowboarding, swimming, and hiking. Putting in a shift at the restaurant for spending money, he’s immediately attracted to the man with the laptop, and a little flirting proves that Went is interested also.

Will Went and Chip simply have a quick vacation fling, or is there more between them than meets the eye?



Laughing, he leaned past Chip to grab the first lube he saw and a bright pink condom from a pile of rainbow colored packages. “Pink?” he teased.

“My asshole doesn’t mind. It’s totally secure in its manhood.”

That had him laughing again. Shit, he’d forgotten how laughing made sex that much better.

“Good for your asshole,” he teased, slicking up his fingers with what appeared to be raspberry flavored lube.

“I hope so, man. I truly do.”

“Yeah, me too.” He’d hate to be found wanting.

He pressed a single finger against the asshole in question. He took his time, circling the tiny wrinkled ring, slicking it and wetting it. When he finally sank his finger in, he moaned, the tight heat amazing. The dragon seemed to come alive, moving with Chip’s body. Mesmerizing. Sexy as hell.

He fucked Chip with just the one finger, watching the man move. It was easy to tell that Chip wasn’t lying when he said he loved sex.

Pushing in another finger, he slowly opened Chip up. He couldn’t wait to bury himself inside there.

“You going to get it up for me again, beautiful? Gonna fuck me hard?”

“Already up for you again.” He’d have to be dead not to be.

“Love to hear that.” Chip spread wider, balls swinging.

Went made it three fingers, spreading them wide to stretch Chip.

“Oh…” The word was accompanied by an arch, Chip’s body curling up.

“God, you’re sexy.” Like honestly, truly.

“More, beautiful. Now.”

“Okay. Let me put the condom on.” He tugged his fingers away and tore open the package. Wow. That was really pink. Really. He stuck it over his prick, which turned it really pink, too. Oh God. He didn’t think he could do this. “Um…can I have a different condom?”

Chip chuckled, then leaned in, ass rubbing his cock. Oh.

“Fuck…” Closing his eyes, he pushed forward, his prick sinking into Chip’s body. The pink rubber would do just fine.

Sean Michael
Smut fixes everything


Living the Dream by Sean Michael is now available at Amber Allure.

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  1. I can totally understand getting out of the fast lane. I love Sean's books. This is just another in a long line that I need to read.

  2. Love sea change/lifestyle change stories.

  3. Oh a nice bit of smut, hopefully Went can see the benefit of a more relaxed lifestyle to be with Chit...