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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Missing, But Not Dead by Christiane France

A few years ago a friend and I drove down the west coast from Vancouver, Canada to San Francisco. I love the sea and I love beaches and somewhere along that thousand mile strip of coastal highway the idea for a series was born. With the help of fellow Amber Allure author, KC Kendricks, the fictitious town of Amethyst Cove came into being. This is my second book in the series with a third in the planning stage. KC’s third will be out later this year.

When Greg Stewartson, ex-cop, private investigator, and half-owner of Amethyst Cove Security & Investigations, meets Ash Tyler, a handsome and very sexy nurse, their mutual attraction turns Greg’s world upside down. Greg would love to just concentrate on their budding romance. But he also wants to help Ash find his biological family—the one Ash says he had before he was taken into care, adopted and moved from California to Michigan more than twenty years ago. Although if they were Ash’s real family what made them vanish almost as effectively as if they’d never existed in the first place?    



Late in the afternoon I was putting the finishing touches to a report on the first stage of my investigation into the disappearance of stock at a sportswear store when Ash called.

“Hi, babe. How’s your day going?”

“Hi, yourself. And my day’s going just fine. Yours?” I leaned back in my chair, closed my eyes and gently stroked my cock. It didn’t take much to imagine it was Ash’s hand rather than mine.

“I just finished, but it was busy as usual. What are you doing right now?”

“I, umm…” I quickly straightened. “Nothing, why?”

He gave a soft sexy chuckle. “Nothing? Or nothing you want to share with me?”

“If you were here I’d share it with you in a heartbeat, darlin’, but since you’re not… Where are you?”

“I’m at home. I was about to take a shower, but then I got to thinking…”


“How much nicer it would be if you were here to share it with me.” He hesitated then added, “I want you, babe. I want you so fucking bad I can taste it.”

“I want—” before I could finish, I realized Ash had hung up. I saved the file I was working on, closed down the computer and had almost made it out the door when Sheldon called me back.

“Excuse me, boss. We haven’t found your man as yet,” he said, sounding a tad apologetic. “Do you want us to stay late and keep looking or what?”

I was tempted to pretend I hadn’t heard and keep on going, but Sheldon has one of those high-pitched voices that are impossible to ignore. I paused and turned to face him. “That’s up to you guys. If you want to stay, fine. If you don’t, then you can pick it up again in the morning.”

“I’ll check with Jimmy. If we get lucky, I’ll give you a buzz.”

“Thanks.” As the door closed behind me, I made a mental note to turn off my cell. For the next little while I intended to be totally unavailable.

Cool mysteries and hot romance - http://www.chrisgrover.ca
Coming soon from Amber Allure: RISING DAMP


Missing, But Not Dead by Christiane France is now available at Amber Allure.

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  1. I like the sounds of this book. I'll have to go get the first book in the series too.

  2. I don't know how I missed the Amethyst Cove series but I will definitely be looking into rectifying that ASAP.

  3. A new author for me and this is part of series :) I am intrigued to find out what happened to Ash's family, maybe witness protection I wonder?

    1. Thank you for the nice comments. I'm originally from the UK, but I love California. I also love living not far from Niagara Falls--where I've set another series - Peninsula Heights.