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Monday, 13 October 2014

Hopefully His by Shawn Lane

(Part of the His series)

In Southern California, aspiring actor Tyler Larson works in his aunt’s diner while awaiting his big break. One day, to his surprise, Tyler recognizes a customer, a local doctor named Jack Ridgley with whom he’d had a hot-as-hell one-night-stand. At first, Jack claims not to remember Tyler, but later reveals he hasn’t truly forgotten him either.

Since Jack has a long-distance lover, however, the men embark on developing only a friendship, but they soon have trouble keeping their thoughts—and their hands—to themselves. Just as Tyler’s acting career starts to take off, Jack begins to find Tyler too tempting to resist and resolves to make the handsome actor his...hopefully...

Genres: Gay/Contemporary/The Arts/Series
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (12k words) 

Read a short excerpt...

...“That guy’s here again.”

Tyler Larson froze just as he held the paper cup under the orange juice spout. “The hot guy?”

His coworker, Janice Choi, smirked. “Yeah.”

Tyler thought about it. “Which one? The one who owns the car dealership?’

She shook her head. “Nope.”

He bit his lip. “The one who wears the cowboy hat?’

“No! Geez, you like too many guys.” She rolled her eyes. “The one in the scrubs.”

Tyler’s mouth fell open. “My sexy doctor?”

“You don’t know he’s a doctor. He could be a nurse or a technician.”

“A brain surgeon.” Tyler shook his head. “A cardiologist. Saving hearts every day.”

Janice snorted. “More likely breaking them. Why don’t you go ask him his name? Strike up a conversation.” She nudged him toward the coffeepot.

“Mr. Jensen’s here for his to-go order.” He waved the paper cup.

“I’ll take care of that. You go check on your hottie.”

“I’m not his waiter.”

Janice took the paper cup. “You are now. I’ll switch with you for that one. He’s at table thirty-five.”

Tyler nodded and attempted to swallow back his nervousness. He could totally do this. He was not shy. Never had been. He headed over to table thirty-five.


Janice didn’t say he had someone with him. He could see the back of the head of the other man’s sitting across from his hottie. Looked like he was wearing scrubs, too. He couldn’t recall Dr. Hottie ever bringing someone with him before.

Tyler got a few feet from the table when he noticed Dr. Hottie, blond and classically handsome in a “soap opera doctor” sort of way, wore a gold band on the ring finger of his left hand.

Double crap.

“Hi,” Tyler said brightly as he stood before them. “My name’s Tyler and I’ll be your server.” He smiled at Dr. Hottie, then turned his attention to the guy with dark hair, dark eyes, and dark sexy stubble across his too sexy jaw sitting opposite Dr. Hottie and almost dropped the coffeepot. “Jack?”

Tyler knew he couldn’t be mistaken. The guy had to be Jack Ridgley. As in the guy who broke Tyler’s heart his first year of college. He’d had a huge crush on the older college student and they’d had a one-night stand. Only Tyler hadn’t realized until he woke up alone that it had been a one-night-stand. Jack was gone and Tyler had never seen him again.

Until now...

1 comment:

  1. Hmm what an interesting extract, I wonder what is going to happen next... I enjoy Shawn Lane's characters and stories, so I am grateful for a chance to win this title :)