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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Living the Dream by Sean Michael

Wentworth “Went" Dawson, young CEO and owner of Dawson Dynamics, is on an enforced vacation after suffering a mild heart attack. He has a list of foods he shouldn’t eat and a prescription for downtime, which is why he’s at Lake Tahoe, California, sitting in the hotel restaurant working on his laptop.

Chip knows all about life in the fast lane and heart attacks, the very reasons he sold his dot-com company six years ago and is now experiencing his own personal joy in the mountains, skiing, snowboarding, swimming, and hiking. Putting in a shift at the restaurant for spending money, he’s immediately attracted to the man with the laptop, and a little flirting proves that Went is interested also.

Will Went and Chip simply have a quick vacation fling, or is there more between them than meets the eye?

Genres: Gay/Contemporary
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (12k words) 

Read a short excerpt...

...“Dude, you’re working ’til when?”

Chip grinned, shrugged. “I took a shift ’til five, then I’m hot-tubbing it, man, soaking my bones.”

Bennie snorted. “You and your bone.”

“Hell yeah.” He just needed a little cash to play with, then he wouldn’t snag another shift for a week or so. Tips were shitty until the snow started falling, anyway.

“Chip, table nine. He’s not going to serve himself.” Andrea snapped him on the ass with a towel.

“Oooh. Do it again!” He wiggled his ass, still laughing happily as he headed out to table nine. “Hey, man! How goes it?”

The guy at table nine was good-looking, with short blond hair and a square jaw. The steel-blue eyes that looked up at him were stressed to the gills, though, the lines around them pronounced. Maybe it had something to do with the laptop. Who brought work to Lake Tahoe?

“Can I help you?” Blue Eyes asked.

“I think that’s my line, beautiful. You want a cocktail? A lemonade?” A hand job?

Blue Eyes blinked. “Oh. Right.” One hand rubbed over the handsome face. “Sorry. Um…I should probably just order a coffee.”

“You sure? We make a killer whiskey sour.”

“That’s tempting. Probably not the best idea on an empty stomach, though.” Blue Eyes looked back at his computer, typing stuff.

“Do you need a menu? The specials are potato soup and lobster mac and cheese. That’s our thing, the mac and cheese.” He should know. He owned the restaurant.

“Oh yeah?” Blue Eyes pulled himself away from the laptop, glance moving up along Chip’s body. “Sure, lobster mac and cheese sounds good. I’ll have that whiskey sour, too.”

“Rock on, dude.” Chip grinned and nodded, then headed in to enter the order. Gary was a whiz in the kitchen, and worked his ass off. Good man.

It kind of felt like Blue Eyes was watching him leave. He swore he could feel those eyes on his ass. Chip let himself wiggle, rock back and forth. Play.

When he brought the drink back, he didn’t have to wait to get Blue Eyes’ attention again. He had the full attention of that hot gaze.

Oh, yummy.

“One whiskey sour, just for you.” He flirted—not enough to be nasty, but enough for the man to know he was interested...

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  1. Hmm a Sean Michael title, I also love his character interactions and stories especially his recent title 'Working to Win' excellent story :)