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Friday, 22 August 2014

Working to Win by Sean Michael

While doing a pair of sports nuts for the Winter Games PAX was tempting, I’d just finished writing speed skaters (Silver Edges). So I figured it was time to pick a different type of games that could be played in the Winter.

Then along came Jason and Bryan, who not only discover power play games, during winter, but they are also in the winter of their relationship, metaphorically speaking. I really liked the symmetry of that and went with it.

Together for more than six years, lovers Jason and Bryan rarely see each other anymore. Their jobs are running them ragged and keeping them apart. It’s gotten so they barely even communicate.

But a trip to a winter cabin for a long weekend, a last-ditch effort to rekindle their romance, reveals a side to the two men the other never knew existed, and their weekend suddenly includes power-play games.

Is this new aspect of their relationship doomed to fail, or will it help them find what they both need to make their lives work again?

It’s available here for 35% off the cover price!

There is an excerpt on the publisher’s site, but I thought I’d share a different one with you. I kept it PG! Well, mostly.

Jason was having the best dream. He and Bryan were making love and it was just like in the beginning, all heat and excitement and need. Moaning, he pushed closer, rubbing his prick against heat as the dream continued.

“Jason…” Bryan arched, sliding against him.

Fuck, it was so real… He reached out, finding Bryan’s flat, warm belly.

“Fucking love your belly.” He stroked it, cock rubbing against Bryan’s thigh.

Bryan chuckled softly. “You’re asleep. Untie me.”

“What?” He blinked awake, Bryan right there.

Man, when was the last time he’d woken up and Bryan was still in bed?

“Untie me and you can go back to sleep.”

“No way, man. I wanted to wake up with you and I did. Now comes the cuddling.” Cuddling and a little conversation. Possibly more orgasms. Okay, definitely more orgasms. He pressed a kiss to the side of Bryan’s mouth. “Besides, I don’t want to sleep. I want to get you all sticky.” He wanted to play.

“You can’t just leave me here to hang out,” Bryan complained.

“Oh yes I can.” He kept moving, shifting so he slid along that sexy belly.

He buried his nose in Bryan’s neck, wanting to leave a mark, knowing he shouldn’t. But goddamn it, this was his lover of six years. He found a spot on Bryan’s collarbone that would be hidden by one of those starched shirts. Opening his mouth, he wrapped his lips around the skin there.

“Oh…” Bryan’s toes curled, one leg drawing up.

Groaning, he kept sucking, kept pushing.

“You’ll leave a mark, Jason.”

That wasn’t a stop.

“That’s the idea, babe.” He scraped his teeth over the spot.

“Uh-huh. Be good…”

“Being so good.” He was. He was being fan-fucking-tastic. He scraped his teeth against Bry’s skin, hard enough to sting.

Jerking, Bry’s belly rubbed against him in the best way. Mmm. Someone liked that. So he did it again.

“No biting. Be good. Untie me.”

What Jason was going to do was gag Bryan.

Until next time
Sean Michael
Smut fixes everything


Working to Win by Sean Michael is now available at Amber Allure.

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  1. I love Sean's books. This story looks like another winner from him. Thank you for the chance to win the pax.

  2. Never a truer word spoken 'Smut fixes everything', as quoted by Sean Michael. If I am feeling a bit down or want a few minutes respite from the daily chores then, as I already apply that advice, I read some smut :)

    I love this extract and tale about an established couple adding back a bit into their relationship by being together all alone, away from technology, in a winter cabin escape. Thank you for a chance to win this pax collection.