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Monday, 11 August 2014

A Flight in Ice by Vivien Dean

Life hasn’t turned out like Connor McClure hoped. His relationship is over, he lost his friends in the break-up, and nothing makes him happy anymore. All he wants is to hide from the world, but the only place available to him is his parents’ home in the rural Michigan community he abandoned thirteen years ago. And since his parents are in Florida for the winter, he’ll have the whole house to himself.

Except he doesn’t. In their absence, the McClures asked a young neighbor to look after the property. Jerry is young, energetic, and—oh yeah—gay. From everything he’s learned about Connor, he might be harboring a little crush, but Connor is in no place for dating. Right now, he needs a friend, someone to help him remember that second chances are always possible...and Jerry is more than willing to step in and help...

Genres: Gay/Contemporary
Heat Level: 2
Length: Novella (21k words) 

Read a short excerpt...

...When he returned, I was in the front seat, making engine sounds in the back of my throat as I bent forward and pretended I was racing around a course. I stopped and straightened as soon as I noticed him, but the damage to any cool California cred I might’ve had was done.

“That’s okay,” Jerry said with a grin. “I do that all the time.”

I clambered off, my cheeks hot against the cool air. Taking one of the helmets he’d brought out with him, I was grateful it hid my face and made further embarrassment impossible.

His motions were quick and efficient. Within two minutes, he’d moved it outside and taken his position, glancing over his shoulder to nod at me to join him.

When my thighs nudged against his, I realized the error of my decision. As the passenger, I would have to hold onto him. My arms around his waist. My legs straddling the outside of his. Whenever he turned, his ass would slide back and nestle against my crotch. Sure, he was wearing a heavy coat, and I had on jeans and a pair of Dad’s long underwear, but I hadn’t had sex in over six months. All it would take was the mere suggestion for me to get hard. I wasn’t even sure I could count on the freezing temperature to keep it from happening.

Too late to do anything about it now. As soon as my arms curled around him, Jerry was off.

He didn’t start slow. We whipped away from the barn’s exit at speeds that took my breath away. They erased the world’s edges into a soft blur of white and brown, forcing me to tighten my grip and duck my head to cut back on our resistance. Jerry’s height worked to my advantage, though I did my best not to rest my helmet against his shoulder. He needed full mobility, unhindered by my clumsiness.

Even with me weighing us down, Jerry handled the snowmobile like a pro. His turns were tight and controlled, his pace unfaltering. The Bearcat was a utility machine, but Jerry made it glide over the snow like it was built for performance instead. He left the house behind, zipping us over the frozen fields until I could pretend only we existed, just us, just the speed, just the snow.

Rather than angle us to the trees, he drove us to the top of a low rise, overlooking the countryside. I pulled back when he killed the engine, my heart pounding, my body tight from both desire and the rush of the ride. This was what I’d been looking for since leaving California behind. The reminder that life could be both simple and exhilarating. For a moment, I actually thought that I could get back in my car and go back to LA and pick up the shattered pieces of my life.

Jerry twisted to look at me. “You ready to take the throttle?”

I should’ve been. It was what I’d wanted by coming out in the first place. Feeling the snowmobile between my legs took me right back to high school, too, so my concerns about feeling awkward were gone.

But now that he was offering, I wasn’t sure I wanted it. After years of being the one in charge, steering the course with an unwilling rider, I liked what it felt like giving that control to another person. Trusting that person to lead the way. Part of my request to return to Michigan had been the hope I could give that control to my parents for a few months, but their absence had taken that away from me.

It might only be a snowmobile ride, but Jerry was an excellent substitute.

“Why don’t you drive us around some more until I get more familiar with the lay of the land?”

His mouth curved into a smile, and I thought for a minute he was going to say something, but then he shifted back around, started the engine again, and aimed us at nowhere...

1 comment:

  1. This sounds like a sweet romance and it's funny how often you can find that someone special when you least expect or want it (or think you don't). It also makes me sad that you loose friends (they choose sides) when you break up, so you have double the grief, poor Connor I know how he feels.

    I love the cover and I have added this this title to my wish list.