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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Wanting It Raw by Hunter Raines

Winning a gold medal is the goal...but losing everything is Daniel Lecce’s reality...

After an accident shattered his knee and his figure-skating career, Daniel gave up hope of ever going to the Olympics. And then he met a man who knew exactly what he needed: a firm hand, a hard whip, and someone to believe in him. But any success he’s had since then has been a fluke. He should have never qualified for the 2014 Olympic games, and Daniel knows it. Worse, now that he’s lost his Dom, the best he can hope for is not to fall flat on his face in front of the esteemed judges, and the entire world.

But one man has learned Daniel’s secret. A brilliant choreographer, Matthew Hasek knows Daniel needs much more than a dazzling routine to succeed on the ice. Determined to show he can replace everything Daniel thinks he lost, Matthew issues an invitation he hopes the athlete can’t resist.

Daniel can’t ignore the wickedly sexy vibe he gets from his new choreographer. But can he let his guard down and trust Matthew with his body on the eve of the most important day of his life? Or will he lose more than the competition in the process?

Genres: Gay/Contemporary/Sports/Athletes/BDSM (Light)
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (12k words) 

Read a short excerpt...

...Daniel noticed doors appearing at regular intervals on both sides of the corridor. They were wooden and had similar locks to the one they’d used to enter at the top of the stairs.

A few times he thought he heard noises coming from the other side of the doors. A moan here, a cry there, but he couldn’t be sure. They vanished as quickly as they echoed, swallowed up by the music that seemed to be coming from all around them.

Suddenly, the woman stopped. She held out a slim, elegant hand to indicate the door in front of her. It looked like all the others.

“Matthew went to a great deal of trouble to acquire this room for the night, but my concern is for you. Your safe word is ‘precious.’ Use it anytime, and someone will answer.” She pulled out an iPhone and pressed a button before holding the mic up to him. “Say it.”

“Precious,” Daniel repeated. “Okay, but I still don’t understand—”

She tucked the phone back into her pocket. “There are fifty rooms down here, and they’re all identical to one another. A two-way communication system ties them all together. You see those speakers?”

She pointed up, and Daniel followed the line of her gaze. He nodded when she spotted a saucer-shaped disc against the ceiling.

“They pump the same music through all the rooms. In addition, they also serve as a security precaution. I recorded your voice and intonation. If you were to utter the word precious again, our system would send me an alert. My security team can be inside the room in less than sixty seconds.” When she finished speaking, she unlocked the door and pushed it open.

Daniel stepped over the threshold, and his heartbeat stuttered. The breath halted in his throat and a deep, fierce ache slammed into his groin.

He couldn’t make sense of his surroundings. The music was louder here, the air slightly warmer, and he vaguely registered another speaker identical to the one outside mounted beside a set of chains ranging from the ceiling. There were spreader bars against the walls, a padded bench off to the side, a St. Andrew’s Cross, shelves filled with instruments of pain and pleasure, at least a dozen items he’d never seen before, and a king-sized bed perfectly made with clean white sheets.

But none of those things drew his attention like the man who stood in the midst of it all. Matthew was alone in the room. He stood stark naked, his cock hanging semi-hard between his powerful legs.

“Daniel,” he murmured. He came forward and held out his hand, as though they were just meeting for the first time.

Daniel’s mouth was dry. He barely felt his feet as he crossed the distance to the other man, confusion and lust slamming into him to form a chaotic miasma in his mind.

He took the offered hand, not knowing what else to do. Matthew’s strong fingers enveloped Daniel’s.

“I’m glad you came.” His warm voice shattered the distance between them. It was too intimate, too knowing, and Daniel felt drawn toward it like a moth to a flame.

“Why am I here?” he whispered, though the frantic pounding of his heart told him he already knew.

Matthew smiled, drawing Daniel’s attention to his full lips. How had he never before noticed how exquisite the man’s mouth was? How perfectly sculpted, along with his cheekbones, the slant of his nose, the jut of his jaw? His dark hair fell unbound around his shoulders. A single bulb lit this room, and the light cast a halo around Matthew’s head, making him look both angelic and devilish at once.

“Because you need a Master, Daniel. And I…” He hesitated, licked his lips. “I need you...”

1 comment:

  1. I am fascinated by this extract and the story and would love to read it just to find out how Daniel gets on at the Olympics and to see if he gets his happy ending with his new Master and choreographer Matthew.

    I also love the covers of your books, this one is so simple and hints and the BDSM elements of the story.