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Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Magic of Texts by K-lee Klein

The original theme for this PAX was getting connected. I knew right away that I wanted to do a relationship based, or at least, started through texting. I wanted to take an old-fashioned blind date situation, shove it into a paper bag then shake the crap out of it.

In the end, my idea turned out more like the blind auditions on the reality show, The Voice, and that was exactly how I wanted it to go. I wanted the blind date feel—nervousness, insecurity, maybe even a little fear of what was going to happen—but tossed together with a little obscure knowledge of each other. I didn't want Lewis and Jerry getting too personal, didn't want them sharing whether they had blue eyes, were in good shape or wore sneakers or cowboy boots.

Mostly, I didn't want Lewis and Jerry to have a share their appearances. That's one of the best things about The Voice, the anonymity of not being seen as well as heard. The contestants are judged purely on how they sound, on the talent they have instead of what image they portray or how they look. 

I wanted that for Lewis and Jerry. I wanted them to be comfortable in knowing things about each other, maybe little quirks and mannerisms learned through the magic of texts. I didn't want someone setting them up on a real blind date, whispering in their ears about the other's curls or baldness, or how tall they were. I wanted that part to completely a surprise.

Hopefully I pulled it off and hopefully you'll enjoy reading Lewis and Jerry's Textual Attraction.


Textual Attraction by K-lee Klein is now available at Amber Allure.

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  3. Sounds like another great story from K-lee. Thank you for the chance!