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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Still Missing by Christiane France

(Part of the Amethyst Cove Mysteries series)

Ever since Greg Stewartson—ex-cop, private investigator, and half-owner of Amethyst Cove Security & Investigations—first met Ash Tyler, a handsome and very sexy nurse, he’s been trying to find Ash’s biological family, the one Ash says he had before he was taken into care and adopted by the Tylers more than twenty years ago. Greg and Ash are now a couple, but Greg’s leads have all turned into dead ends, so Ash tells him to let it go.

Then one night, a half-drowned man is brought into the urgent care clinic where Ash works. He says he’s looking for Jack Smith, the man Ash knew as “Grandpa.” Suddenly Greg is up to his ears in new information and fresh leads. Will he finally be able to provide Ash with the answers he so desperately wants, or is he being conned by a pair of clever hustlers determined to conceal the truth?

Genres: Gay/Contemporary/Mystery/Detective/Series
Heat Level: 2
Length: Novella (20k words) 

Read a short excerpt...

...“Did you get a chance to follow up on that guy who was brought into the clinic last night? The one who said he had to find Jack?”

“I made a few inquiries. That waiter you said brought him into the clinic didn’t know anything about him, but he said his friend might. Today was the friend’s day off, but I’ll try to stop by the surf shop again tomorrow.”

“You didn’t go down to the rocks?” Ash seemed a tad surprised.

“Not yet. I figure I should wait and hear what the other guy has to say about him first.”

He reached up and patted my cheek. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to push. I guess that’s how you PI’s have to do it, huh? One careful step at a time?”

“It’s all I can do when I have nothing solid to go on.”

Ash nodded. “Probably the best approach with this guy. He was pretty jumpy last night. I wouldn’t want him to take off before we know what he’s all about.”

This was exactly why I’d decided not to say anything about my chat with Mary, or the kid who’d shown up in The Riptide, at least for now. No point in raising Ash’s hopes for what could be yet another disappointment.

“We still going to Le Pastis for dinner?”

“That’s the plan. I just need a few minutes to change.”

I chuckled at the way he managed to slide his body off the lounger without disturbing the cats more than absolutely necessary.

“I see the boys already have you well trained.”

“Trained? Me?” He shook his head. “No way. I was just trying to be considerate and not spoil their sleep.”

“Right.” I wrapped my arms around Ash and gave him a hug. “They’re so good at what they do, you don’t even know they’ve done it. Now, scoot. I’m starving.” With that, I turned him toward the house and gave him a smack on the butt as incentive.

He took a couple of steps, wiggled his ass and shot me a provocative look over his shoulder. “Before I change I need to wash off the sunblock. Sure you wouldn’t like to join me in the shower? Maybe wash my back, massage my shoulders a little…hmm? What do you say?”

“No. Now, go.”


Ash pouted and I looked away, fast, before I changed my mind. If I accepted Ash’s invitation, one thing would lead to another and that would be the end of our plans for the evening...

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