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Monday, 16 November 2015

Making a Wish by Shawn Lane

As a kid, Astronomy professor Marty Brooks kept in touch with a pen pal who lived on the other side of the country. Eventually that pen pal stopped responding to Marty’s letters, which always ended with “Making a Wish” for Marty’s love of space.

Now, as adults, Marty and his brother are big fans of a series of famous Sci-Fi movies. They head to a convention for the movie franchise where they hope to meet the hot actors. Marty is especially interested in meeting an actor he knows is openly gay, but instead he bumps into the star of the movies, Sebastian Lookinland, who is gorgeous and not at all the snob Marty anticipated. They instantly connect and it’s obvious the attraction is mutual.

Before long, Marty learns the world really is small when Sebastian reveals he is actually the pen pal from all those years ago. The men instantly begin an affair, although Marty knows it will end when the convention does. But Sebastian isn’t ready to say goodbye and suggests they stay connected through texts, emails, and weekend get-togethers.

Marty can hardly refuse the offer since his heart is already engaged. Will he make a wish for the relationship to last for more than a few weeks?

Genres: Gay/Contemporary/The Arts/Romantic Comedy
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (15k words) 

Read a short excerpt...

...His expression turned serious. “I don’t make a habit of publicizing my sexuality either way, but I admit most of the time I’m seen at events it’s with a woman on my arm.”

I nodded. “You dated that actress from that popular television series for a while. Ginger something.”

“Ginger Stevens,” he supplied for me. “Yes. We were pretty serious there for a while.”

“Not just publicity?”

“No.” He shook his head. “Truth is, so-called celebrity relationships never last that long. It’s especially bad when both are actors. It adds an element of ego I think that works against it.”

“And now?”


“Are you dating anyone?”

“No, Marty. Do you think I’d invite you up here like this if I was?”

“I’m not really up on celebrity behavior.”

“I’m not just a celebrity to you, though. We were friends once. Weren’t we?”

“Pen pal friends, yeah.” I smiled. “A lot has changed for you.”

“And for you, Marty. You’re some hot college professor now. The stuff of fantasies.”

“Or pornos,” I joked.

“Now you’ve gone and put definite images in my head.” He took his first sip of his brandy since he poured it. “You are really hot. And I don’t think there’s any point in pretending we don’t both know why I asked you up here.”

I licked my suddenly dry lips. “You do get right to the point. Do you prefer Sebastian or Spencer? Privately, I mean.”

“Sebastian. I left Spencer behind.” He put his glass on the coffee table in front of the sofa and got to his feet. He held out his hand for me to grasp, then pulled me up. “Come on.”

Sebastian led me to the bedroom on the right and I had a moment where both the alcohol and the idea that I was about to go to bed with Sebastian Lookinland had my head swimming.

I barely glanced at the room—it was large—with an even larger bed and a bathroom off to the left that I was pretty sure on close inspection would be larger than half my house.

But both of us were interested in the bed at that moment and nothing else. He went to a suitcase he had propped up on one of those folding suitcase stands all hotels had and removed a bottle of lube and a strip of condom packages.

“You come prepared,” I couldn’t help saying.

“Well.” He shrugged. “Does it bother you?”

Sebastian owed me nothing. And anyway, I was benefitting from it, wasn’t I?

“No. The only thing I want to know, am I fucking you or are you fucking me?” My lips curved in an anticipatory smile. “What is your preference?”

“My wish is your command?”

“I’d love to command you...”

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