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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Next Stop: Funnel Cake by Heidi Champa

When I first heard about the All Aboard PAX, the first thing that came to mind wasn't high speed trains or tawdry encounters on an El Train like in Risky Business. No, my first thought was the young guy who used to drive the miniature train through our local mall when I was a kid. There was one guy in particular who was so cute, I always tried to catch a glimpse of him while loitering outside the food court.

He was the inspiration for my story, Next Stop: Funnel Cake. I didn't want to go the traditional train route, so I took the kernel of the story that young man provided and moved it to a cut-rate amusement park. The result is something I'm really proud of and I hope you all enjoy.

As a delicious treat, much like the funnel cake in the title, here is an extra excerpt of my story.


I moved to get out of the train, but he pulled me back in and kissed me, his hand holding firmly to the back of my neck.

"You're lucky you're so cute, Trav. Otherwise, you'd be in big trouble."

I lifted an eyebrow, running my hand along his leg.

"Oh, yeah. What kind of trouble?"

He pulled me out of the train by my wrist and walked us to the caboose. Before we climbed inside, he pushed me against the car and unhooked the clasps that held up the top of my overalls. The pants caught at my hips, but Andrew simply tugged and dropped them to a pool at my ankles. I looked around, even though I knew there was no one left in the park, my mind suddenly frozen in irrational fear.

"This kind of trouble."

I was already half hard when he pulled my underwear down, the night air feeling cool on my skin. Andrew gave the head of my cock a soft lick and a kiss, but nothing more.


"Don't be so impatient, Travis."

"I'm not. But, what if someone walks by."

"Who would be here at this hour?"

He had a point, but there was still an element of danger about the situation I wasn't used to. Andrew found the perfect way to distract me, though, and enveloped the head of my dick, sucking me deep into his throat.

"Oh, Jesus, Andrew."

He moved back and forth between teasing me with gentle licks and devouring me, deep throating me as far as he could go. He was in shadow, the only light around us coming from the security spot light on the corner of the maintenance shed. I put a hand to his head as he sucked me, my feet in danger of sliding out from underneath me. I urged him to his feet, as much as I didn't want to stop him and shoved him into the caboose. He fell into the seat and I stumbled in after him, leaving my pants, shirt and shoes in a heap outside the car.

"Your turn, Andrew."

I undid his belt, wrenching the denim down his hips until they were past his knees. He took them the rest of the way and threw his pants and flip flops next to mine on the ground. Slouching his back against the pleather seat back, I knelt between his knees and grabbed his cock at the base. He squirmed and I couldn't help but laugh.

"Now who's impatient?"

"You think you're so funny, don't you?" he said with a grin.

"I do. Which you know."

He grabbed me behind the neck and pushed his cock into my mouth, his forceful approaching making me hot. I let him fuck my face for a while, before taking over control and slowing things down, stroking his balls with my tongue before swallowing his cock again.

"Fuck, Travis."

His words came out in a hiss and with one last stoke for good measure, I released his cock from my mouth.

"Should we get out of here, Andrew?"

"Not a chance. I want you right here."

"On the train."

"Why not? Give the thing a fitting send off, since you never have to drive it again."

I opened my mouth to protest, but thought better of it.

"Okay, why not?"


Next Stop: Funnel Cake by Heidi Champa is now available at Amber Allure.

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