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Simply put, AmberPax™ Collections are groups of five stories centered around a specific theme. Each story within an AmberPax™ is released individually, on the same day as the others, and can be purchased separately, but these five stories can also be purchased as a single unit (the full AmberPax™) at a discount, currently 25%. Generally, an AmberPax™ is similar to an "anthology" of stories, but instead of the titles being released in only a single volume (file), they are also available individually. These AmberPax™ Collections are sold exclusively through our website and only in electronic format.

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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Amber Pax - a package of Delight and Discovery?!

The idea of the AMBER PAX COLLECTION was created by Amber Quill Press to offer something special to both readers and writers. I think it's worth revisiting its success now and then :)

To quote one (anonymous) reader :

"I like the fact that AQP offers “AmberPax” which is a combination of 5 Erotic ebooks that are sold as one unit at 25% discount. This is a great way to try new authors and I have found that I will even purchase some genres that normally I might not try. These AmberPax purchases do also count towards your “buy 10 get 1 free” which is great."

And that's what we all like either to be, or to reach - a happy reader!

Good value
The discounted price makes it a special treat. All the stories are available individually, but you can buy all the stories in the set with a 25% discount! They also contribute 5 points to your total of working towards a free book. And FIVE books to snuggle up with on your reader? Who can resist!

Treasure Chest
Have you always wondered what the buzz is about steampunk? / ménage? / paranormal? / gothic romance? / friends to lovers? / office affairs? A Pax is a wonderful way to dip your toe in that water! The stories are built around the same theme but always unique, full of variety, and an exciting range of interpretation from the Amber authors. You'll never be bored!

New Favourites
So many of your favourite authors write in the Collections that you know you're always going to get quality stories. But maybe you'll discover new favourites, too! Remember that a Pax is an adventure for the author - it's their opportunity to write in different genres. For example - you may never have read one of XX's books before, yet the Pax topic is one of your favourite themes. Or you may always have read and loved XX's books in contemporary romance, but here is a story from them in a whole new genre. It's an adventure for you, too! but always with the seal of quality that you've come to expect from Amber Quill Press.

So, as that anonymous reader also said:

"I also gave away the xxxx one on my website a while back and the winner said she enjoyed it because they were stories she never would’ve purchased herself."

Treat yourself - and maybe your friends as well!

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