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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Mr. Wolfe by A.J. Llewellyn

Mr. Wolfe is immortal. He is precise, and dedicated. He is also on a lunar cycle. Unless he finishes the task of archiving music diva Zara Finley's legendary costumes by the next full moon, the other side of him will emerge. And it won't be pretty.

Additionally, Mr. Wolfe lives with a deadly secret. As handsome, polite, and charming as he is in his work-life, this exacting man has a crew of everyday immortals who aren't always easy to control. He has a couple of vampire assistants and a team of pixie seamstresses inclined to get drunk on maple syrup. He also has a new employee who seems to be asking too many questions.

What keeps Mr. Wolfe sane is Ambrosio, his right-hand man and perfect lover, but none of their co-workers know Ambrosio is also Mr. Wolfe's spanky toy. From bottom jewelry to antique sex toys, Ambrosio knows how to keep his boss—and husband—happy.

But a bad storm is coming, and with it a new moon that promises to unleash all of Mr. Wolfe's homicidal tendencies...

Genres: Gay/Dark Fantasy/Werewolf/Vampire//The Arts/BDSM (Light)
Heat Level: 3
Length: Novella (21k words) 

Read a short excerpt...

...“Quiet!” Ambrosio snapped.

Mr. Wolfe loved his partner’s forcefulness and almost came when Ambrosio dragged him by the arms up toward the headboard. In one swift motion, he cuffed Mr. Wolfe’s right hand to the bedpost. Another tug on his left hand and that became secured, too.

He knelt beside Mr. Wolfe, his hard cock looking delicious and inviting, but Mr. Wolfe knew better than to try stealing a taste. His whole body jolted when Ambrosio bent down and sucked first the right nipple into his mouth, then the left.

Mr. Wolfe knew what was coming next and almost screamed when the nipple clamps came down on each one. Pain rippled through him, followed by a wave of pleasure as Ambrosio sweetened the deal by reaching down to stroke his cock. Mr. Wolfe could see the haze of desire in his man’s eyes.

Ambrosio leaned over and began to suck him once again.

“Open your legs,” he demanded. Mr. Wolfe obeyed him, gasping with pleasure when Ambrosio began to lick and suck his asshole.

“Swarovski back pearl.” Ambrosio lifted his head and swung a long silver chain over Mr. Wolfe’s mouth. “Suck it, Wolfie.”

Mr. Wolfe stared up at one of his favorite sex toys. He’d never experienced bottom jewelry until Ambrosio introduced it into their lives. The black pearl was perfect. Around the size of a dime, he could see its sparkle even in the candlelight. Four other smaller pearls moved up along the chain. Ambrosio let the first one fall into Mr. Wolfe’s mouth. As the cold pearl touched his tongue, Mr. Wolfe sucked it, feeling the smaller balls linked behind it rubbing against his lips.


Mr. Wolfe opened his mouth and Ambrosio removed the pearl. He began rubbing the chain against Mr. Wolfe’s hole as he licked and sucked his reaching cock. With a flourish, he inserted the pearls into Mr. Wolfe, wrapping the dangling chain around his cock and scrotum. He leaned back, examining his handiwork.

Ambrosio gently flicked the right nipple clamp and then the left. The flicks grew a little more aggressive and Ambrosio leaned down, sucking Mr. Wolfe once more. Suddenly the clamping, the pressure in Mr. Wolfe’s balls and cock seemed to surge through his body, to his nipples and up to his throat. Fire consumed him. The need to come, the insatiable desire to be fucked made him sweat.

He thought he would shoot before Ambrosio got a chance to shove his way inside him, but Ambrosio pulled on the cock-chain now, making Mr. Wolfe yelp in a jolt of pleasure-pain.

“Wait.” Ambrosio’s voice was a growl.

Mr. Wolfe nodded, unable to speak... 

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