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Simply put, AmberPax™ Collections are groups of five stories centered around a specific theme. Each story within an AmberPax™ is released individually, on the same day as the others, and can be purchased separately, but these five stories can also be purchased as a single unit (the full AmberPax™) at a discount, currently 25%. Generally, an AmberPax™ is similar to an "anthology" of stories, but instead of the titles being released in only a single volume (file), they are also available individually. These AmberPax™ Collections are sold exclusively through our website and only in electronic format.

THIS BLOG is for news about the Pax Collections - follow it to keep up with releases, find early news of the upcoming collections, and share Pax fun and chat with the authors!

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Friday, 5 April 2013

New pax reviews

New reviews for recent pax releases!

Thommie at MM Good Book Reviews says Who Moved My Holepunch? by Anne Brooke is fascinating, with "exquisite chemistry...achieved between her characters."

Jenre at Brief Encounters Reviews says about The Mayfield Speakeasy by L.A. Witt, "...there was much to like about this story," and gave it a B-.

At Top 2 Bottom Reviews, Pammyla gave Vivien Dean's Iron Eyes 4 kisses and said, "If you're looking for sexy steampunk, this is for you."

Val Kovalin admires the sense of craft and proportion of KC Kendricks' Doors of Time and gives it 3.5 stars at Reviews by Jessewave.

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