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Thursday, 18 April 2013

A Different Drummer by Deirdre O'Dare

Jest has been on his own since his mid-teens and still blesses the chance that allowed him to realize his dream of playing percussion in a band, one that has become his substitute family. Although he misses the close sharing, he doesn’t expect to find a partner, and certainly not one as clearly out of his element as the man, looking totally lost and friendless, who one night wanders into the club where Jest’s band plays.

Greene has struggled to build himself a life far from the undisciplined communal community in which he grew to his mid-teens. He’s lonely, though, and not sure how to remedy that, so he keeps working as a game programmer in Silicon Valley until he makes a faux pas at a party. Traveling aimlessly, he meets Jest and the other members of Taken By Storm, and is intrigued but terrified of slipping back into a disorderly world like the one of his childhood.

Opposites do attract, but can a rebel percussionist and a totally uptight game programmer find common ground for a partnership? 

Genres: Gay/Contemporary/The Arts
Heat Level: 2
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (17k words) 

Read a short excerpt...

...Greene had to admit he was tempted. Maybe it was just a rebound from Mickey’s putdown, a vague need to prove he really was attractive, appealing. He felt the surreptitious brush of Jest’s gaze, sliding to him and pulling away, only to return.

Yeah, he’s interested. Although Jest kept his back to Greene, he’d bet the other man sported a stiff one. His own cock was showing some interest as well.

Oh shit, what harm can it do? Just a quickie, a one-time thing. I could do that and walk away right after. Maybe it would do me some good.

Jest finally turned around not a second after Greene mentally gave in to the insistent tug of desire and excitement. “Well,” he said, “made up your mind about me?”

It was uncanny, as if the other man had read his thoughts. “Huh? What are you talking about?”

Jest grinned. “I know you were looking. I was, too. Shit, it’s not illegal to look. Or to do anything else we want to for that matter. Nobody’s likely to come out here at this hour. I’m the only one in the band who’s an early riser. I think Ben and Marsh took off after the rehash last night anyway. Marsh has him a gal friend and not sure about Ben. Bella and Annie have their own place back out toward the main road. So what do you fancy?”

Greene fished for an answer, still torn between desire and caution. Jest seemed so sure and confident. That gave him pause. The drummer was different from Mickey, although still just as daunting.

At least for a while Jest must have had a normal family, the kind of background Greene had always envied. How could he have stood to leave it? Hadn’t he indicated he’d had no choice? Greene could not envy that wrenching break, having either to lie to everyone about what you were or leave everything you’d relied on. Somehow Jest had survived, just as Greene had, in completely different circumstances. Didn’t that make some kind of common ground?

While he’d been tangled in thinking, his body had not been hampered by the inner conflict. His feet, almost of their own accord, began to cross the cool tiles to where Jest stood, in a pose almost taunting. His cock thrust out, bold and ready. He’d fisted both hands on his hips, shoulders back and a grin on his face. Yeah, he did have a good body, looked as if he either worked out or did something a lot more physical than just drumming. Tight abs, muscular legs, all the things Greene appreciated in another man.

“Man, I fancy you and that’s no bullshit. Anything and any way you want me.”

Jest arched one eyebrow. “For real? How do those high tech guys do it up there in Silicon Valley? You a sub or something?”

Greene shrugged. “Not really. I don’t usually make the first move, though. I take what I can get.”

Jest’s expression changed. The taunt faded, along with the come-get-me dare in his eyes. He gave a slight nod. “Okay. I don’t usually have to go prowling. When you’re a musician, there’s always groupies—both sexes and every variety. You can’t help stumbling all over them. I can take my pick…well, after Marsh for the girls and Ben for the guys, since Tom and Stormy are exclusive. Not many girls, just not my thing…”

“I’ve been told I give a good BJ, if that’s something you’d like.”

Jest met Greene’s gaze for a moment, his face suddenly serious. “I’m not just a taker. How about you getting off, too?”

Greene felt himself grin. “Sixty-nine works for me so long as it’s nothing too acrobatic. I’ve got some condoms in my wallet in my pants.”

While Greene retrieved a pair of rubbers, Jest threw a couple more towels down on a bench in the middle of the room. “Top or bottom. You choose...” 

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