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Monday, 21 September 2015

A Cowboy Out of Texas by Sean Michael

When the call came for a Texas Round-Up themed Amber PAX collection, I knew immediately that I wanted to bring a Texas cowboy up to Canada and pair him up with someone who definitely wasn’t a cowboy. Opposites attract and all that. From that idea Sam was born, a rodeo rider who has just suffered an injury, nothing new for him, but this time he’s not only outside of Texas, he’s not even in the US anymore. Once I had Sam, Pat followed along quickly, more than eager to claim this cowboy for his very own. It was a lot of fun, melding together two men who on the surface are quite different, but are alike in all the ways that matter.

I hope you enjoy the results of my Canada/Texas meld.

Sam Hawker’s fall off a bucking bronc at an event in Canada has left him both physically broken and financially broke and in a hospital with his leg in traction. Between worrying about how he’ll pay his medical bills and not being able to move, he’s going more than a little stir crazy.

Easy on the eyes, Pat Bouchard is the nurse assigned to Sam for his stay at the hospital, and the two men get to know each other as Pat cares for and entertains Sam. They grow even closer when Pat offers Sam a place to stay while he recovers.

What are they going to do when Sam’s all better and doesn’t have a reason to stay in Canada any longer?

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“Just spiffy, thanks. Can I go yet?”

“Can you fly?” Pat asked.

“Is that a trick question?” He could totally get in a plane, except that he had zero idea how he’d get his happy ass onto the thing. He didn’t have wings—cool idea though.

“Not exactly. You see all that?” Pat waved at the wires holding Sam’s leg up off the bed. “You can’t walk with all that gear, so, if you can fly your way out of here, you can go. Otherwise, you’re stuck with us for a while.”

“Ah. It was a trick question.” He grinned at the guy—Pat—and shrugged. “It was worth a try.”

“I suppose. I’m just trying not to be hurt that you’re so eager to leave my ward.” Pat gave him the fakest pout he’d ever seen, followed by a wink.

Sam chuckled. “I’m just feeling like a cowboy out of Texas.”

“I’m guessing that’s because you are. You’re my first, you know.”

“Cowboy or Texan?”

“Texan. We don’t always get a cowboy when the Russell Rodeo blows through, but it happens now and then.” Pat’s smile disappeared. “Now, in all seriousness. How are you feeling?”

“Cooped up. Trapped as hell.” A little wigged.

“I’ll just bet. Is anything hurting? And has someone explained how the magic button attached to your IV works yet?” Pat pointed to the morphine button.

“They did. I’m okay, ready to stop peeing in a bottle.”

“As soon as they spring you from this contraption you’ll be peeing wherever you want. I suggest sticking to the bathroom though.” Pat gave him a wink.

“Yeah, yeah.” Sam leaned back, his head throbbing violently.

“What’s hurting?” Pat asked, fingers on Sam’s wrist, eyes on his watch.

“My head, man. I’m fixin’ to be sick.”

Pat grabbed a kidney shaped pan, setting it on his chest. “Just have at it if you need to.” Then Pat made a couple of adjustments to his line. “You ever have any problems with painkillers before?”

“No, sir.” And God knew he’d had lots of them. The pounding in Sam’s head eased off and he relaxed back into the pillows.

“Maybe you were just pushing a little hard. I know you want to get up and go, but your body is going to need some time here, to heal.” Pat pulled a thermometer out of his pocket and stuck it in Sam’s ear, making it click. Then the nurse wrote some stuff in his chart.

“You’re actually looking really good. I know you probably don’t believe it, but it’s true. And I have other patients to check on. I’ll be back when I’ve done that, see if we can’t find you something to keep you from tearing your hair out. In the meantime, if anything starts hurting suddenly or something doesn’t feel right, you page me.” Pat put the little pager in his hand. “I mean it. I’d rather you bother me for nothing than walk in here and find you coding, got it?”

“Uh-huh.” Coding, that didn’t sound good at all.

Pat found the remote all the way over next to the TV and brought it to Sam. “Six hundred channels, but I bet there’s nothing good on.”

“Never is.” He’d find something mindless, some cop show.

“Remember, use that call button if you need it.” Pat headed out, his backend even prettier than his front side had been. He was fine as frog hair.

At least Sam’d get to sit and watch the boob tube.

Sean Michael
smut fixes everything


A Cowboy Out of Texas by Sean Michael is now available at Amber Allure.

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  1. I love a good opposites attract story, and this one sounds great. Looking forward to reading it!