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Friday, 25 September 2015

Writing Favorite Characters Can Make You Crazy (in a Good Way) by K-lee Klein

I love writing new stories and new characters, but there's just something special about dusting off some old favorites. And I mean favorites of mine, not just readers.

Maybe it's the easy familiarity of not having to start from scratch, of already knowing physical characteristics, mannerisms, likes and dislikes. It's similar to sliding into a worn-to-perfection pair of boots and taking them for a long walk because you know they fit you perfectly and won't give you blisters along the way.

That's not to say those familiar characters don't make me work just as hard to tell their current story. It doesn't mean I can get lazy and just slap something on the page for the sake of, well, slapping something on the page. Case in point, Unwanted Hearts stars Brett & JT, and they've become just like family to me since the first book in the series, Unbreak My Heart.

Brett Taylor is by far my favourite character to write, too. He's always so vivid in my head, in both good and bad ways. I hear his accent, his inflections and slang clearly. I see the way he tosses his hair or tucks it behind his ears, the way he can't help his brilliant blue eyes from turning into instant weapons of mass-flirting, and uses his crooked grin to get his own way. I can also see inside his heart as well as he can see inside of mine.

Maybe I still feel a little guilty about breaking him so badly in the original book so I let him get away with being his bossy self...sometimes. Of course, he can't really complain since the love of his life rose from the ashes of his pain. Yeah, Brett and I have a special relationship. He attempts to boss my muse around, tries to butt in when it's not his turn, fills my head with his sweet Southern drawl until I have to take the notes he forces on me, even if I just save them forever. But in his defence, Brett Taylor is also one of the sweetest, most giving, and emotionally-aware men I've ever "known."

The other thing about writing familiar characters is always hoping they aren't only my just favorites because then I'd be writing books only for myself. And that's a little weird and counterproductive even for me. Fortunately, I haven't run into that particular problem and most especially with Brett and JT. And for anyone that's interested, Brett has already been whispering in my ear about a special Christmas short story so it seems he's getting his way again. I guess y'all will have to stayed tuned.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Great post, thanks for sharing! I believe that readers can feel when an author loves her/his characters, and it's definitely hard to part with those characters not only for the authors but for the readers as well, so I'm happy to hear that there might be another story.

  2. I enjoyed the post I like to read books with familiar characters to it's like you have a chance to peep into their lives again. I'm looking forward to reading your Christmas story especially if it's about Brett.