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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Another Excerpt of From the Rubble by T.A. Chase

Hey everyone. This is T.A. Chase and my newest book, From the Rubble, is part of the Heavy Petting 2 PAX that came out on Sunday. I thought I’d share the blurb and a small excerpt from it. I hope you get a chance to check it out.

Ever since watching a search and rescue team find his lost sister, Keaton Goodwin has worked and trained to become a SAR handler. He raises the perfect dogs to work with him, and he loves his job. When he’s called to take his dog, Kaiser, to Bogata, Colombia after a devastating earthquake, Keaton heads out not sure what he’ll find.

And what he doesn’t expect to find is Master Sergeant Nodin Standing Bear.

Nodin’s squad has been sent by the Army to help keep the SAR teams safe during the search and rescue part of the operation. He’s done a lot of this kind of work during his twenty-three years of service, yet there’s something different about Keaton, and Nodin knows a disaster area isn’t the best place to start a relationship.

When Keaton disappears, Nodin has to face how much he really cares about the younger man. Will the emotions they feel amongst the rubble be enough of a foundation to build a future?


An insistent ringing broke through Keaton’s dream and he groaned as he rolled over, not even opening his eyes as he grabbed his phone off the nightstand. 

“Goodwin,” he growled into the phone.

“I need you and Kaiser at the airport ASAP. There was an earthquake in Colombia and they need search and rescue there to look for survivors.” His boss, Connor St. Lawrence, ordered him.

“Yes, sir. We’ll be there in thirty minutes.” 

After hanging up, Keaton tossed his phone on the bed then jumped out from under the covers. Kaiser sat in the doorway, staring at him expectantly.

“Yes, we’re going. I have to get dressed. Go get your leash.”

Kaiser barked once before dashing from the room. Keaton smiled at how eager his companion was. They hadn’t gone on a mission for several months and they were both getting a little antsy. He tugged on his jeans and a long sleeve T-shirt before putting on socks. 

As he stalked from his bedroom, he scooped up his phone. He sent a quick text to his sister, Grace, to let her know what was going on and have her come feed the rest of his animals while he was gone. 

Downstairs, Kaiser sat next to the door, leash in his mouth. Keaton chuckled as he took Kaiser’s harness down from where he hung it after their last training session. He stuffed it into the backpack he’d taken from the front hallway closet. The backpack held two dog dishes, treats, and toys Kaiser loved playing with. After grabbing his to-go duffle that held several changes of clothes, his passport, Kaiser’s health records and toothbrushes. Everything he would need for an extended stay. The search and rescue group Keaton worked with would provide food and water for them. 

He took the leash from Kaiser, but didn’t worry about hooking it to Kaiser’s collar. He’d stay with Keaton until ordered otherwise. They went outside to the truck and Keaton motioned for Kaiser to jump in the back. The dog settled on the seat, his bright gold eyes studying Keaton, trying to figure out what was going on by the small changes in Keaton’s expression or voice.

“Don’t worry, boy. It’s not time yet.” He patted Kaiser on the head before tossing their bags onto the floor. 

After he slid behind the steering wheel, he started the engine then backed it out of the driveway. His phone rang as he turned in the direction of the airport. 


From the Rubble by T.A. Chase is now available at Amber Allure.

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