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Friday, 18 July 2014

Silver Edges by Sean Michael

Isaiah and Braxton are world-class speed skaters. Barely spending a moment apart, they train together, eat together, and fool around together. Both on and off the ice, they’re each other’s biggest rivals and best friends.

When a nasty accident leaves Braxton unable to skate for at least six weeks, he becomes Isaiah’s biggest supporter. But more than that, the accident also opens their eyes as to how they really feel about each other, and just maybe it’ll give them more than it takes away...

Genres: Gay/Contemporary/Sports/Athletes
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (13k words) 

Read a short excerpt...

...Isaiah finished getting suited up and followed Doll out onto the ice, taking off his skate guards before stepping onto it. Skating his warm up laps, Doll grinned at him, then took off like a shot, thigh muscles working as he pushed himself through over the ice.

Isaiah warmed up more slowly, taking his time and building up speed, letting his muscles loosen. The sound of the ice beneath his skates was hypnotic, soothing. He sped up, building on that rhythm, his legs working as he flew.

Doll lapped him a few times, nothing but a bullet, moving around the track, and when Isaiah was warmed up, he went for it, hitting his stride as Doll caught up to him again, his best friend shooting past him even with him now at full tilt as well. It didn’t matter, though. Doll would fade back and Isaiah would take over. It was inevitable.

He just needed to be patient. Sure enough, a few dozen laps later saw him beginning to catch up to Doll’s long strides. Then another few laps and he was ahead, feeling strong. He could hear Doll increasing his strides, trying hard to catch back up. Isaiah was in the zone now, though, digging in, holding his ground.

Doll nearly made it, almost had him. He could feel the labored breaths just behind him for almost two laps. Then Doll faded back off. And that was why he excelled in the ten thousand while Doll ruled the shorter distances. The five thousand was where they really fought each other.

Coach called out to them. “Okay, boys. Let’s run it again. Five more times before lunch and then you’re on the bikes.”


It took less time for Isaiah to catch up the second time, but a little bit more the third time, Doll pushing really hard, like he’d caught a second or third wind. When they were done, they slowed, upright now as they took easy strides across the ice.

Looking over, Doll smiled at him. Isaiah grinned back, breathing hard, chest working like a bellows.

“One of these days I’m not going to let you overtake me.” Doll was winded, but not so much he couldn’t smack talk.

Isaiah could smack talk right back. “Yeah, and one of these days I’ll stop letting you win the short track.”

“Promises, promises.” Doll turned, skating backward for almost a whole lap.

Show off. Still cooling off was cooling off, he guessed. Maybe.

They made a few more laps, then came off the ice, putting their skate guards back on.

Doll crowded him a little. “Hope that bicycle seat isn’t too hard in your…condition.”

“Fuck you. I hope you choke on your protein shake.”

Doll’s eyes narrowed. “What did you do to it?”

Nothing, but Doll didn’t know that. “What? You worried?”

“Man, I Ben-Gay-ed your lube—I’d be stupid not to be worried.”

Isaiah gave Doll a patently fake wide-eyed look.

Doll glared, but anything he might have said was forestalled by Charlie telling them to get their asses into gear.

Okay. Okay.

Maybe this didn’t suck too hard.


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