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Friday, 25 July 2014

Dancing on the Edge of a Blade by Sean Michael

I have to admit, I was watching the winter Olympics when Isaiah showed up in my head, dragging Braxton along with him. The speed skaters have always fascinated me with their skin suits and their speed. I love the way they let their bodies become almost horizontal to the ice when they go around the corners. 

It’s a sport where all it takes is one slight slip-up, one touch to another skater and boom an eight man race suddenly has only two in contention for the top spots. You can go from last place to first in the blink of an eye, whether from a fall or through sheer staying power. 

And let’s face it, I do love how all those muscles are on display in those skin-tight aerodynamic bodysuits they wear. And I love how they are called skin suits, because they do fit like a second skin.

Isaiah and Braxton are world-class speed skaters. Barely spending a moment apart, they train together, eat together, and fool around together. Both on and off the ice, they’re each other’s biggest rivals and best friends.

When a nasty accident leaves Braxton unable to skate for at least six weeks, he becomes Isaiah’s biggest supporter. But more than that, the accident also opens their eyes as to how they really feel about each other, and just maybe it’ll give them more than it takes away...

Somewhat Naughty Excerpt:

“Mmm. My turn.” Ice grabbed his hand, licked his fingers clean.

The licks went straight to his cock, making him groan. Okay, so there were some definite advantages to having sticky fingers.

They pushed the containers away, then leaned in together, sharing a sloppy, lazy kiss. They weren’t going to get up to any sort of acrobatics, not as tired as they both were, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t have fun getting each other off.

Ice settled along the back of the sofa, and Brax ended up on his back, Ice against his side. Sucking on Ice’s tongue, he tugged at the tight turtleneck, pulling it out of Ice’s jeans.

“Mmm.” Ice’s leg rubbed against his.


His fingers finally found flesh, sliding on Ice’s amazing abs. God, Ice was ripped. He wanted to lick his way down and worship every inch. Another night, when he hadn’t skated his ass off. Tonight, he just wanted to touch and rub off and fall asleep tangled up with his best friend.

Ice moaned and wrapped his hand around his package through his jeans, the touch slow and easy.

“Oh yeah.” He nodded, fingers sneaking up to pull at Ice’s nips in thanks.

“Mmmhmm. Jeans now, Doll.”

“Pushy.” He dragged his fingers back down along Ice’s body.

“Shit, I just know when I shoot I’ll be all stupid.”

“Only when you shoot?” Brax couldn’t resist the tease, but he knew there wasn’t a selfish bone in Ice’s body—not even the one between Ice’s legs.

“Shut up.”

His laughter caught in his throat as Isaiah’s leg pushed between his, nudging up against his balls.

“Love how you smell, Doll.” Isaiah said those kinds of things and they made his balls ache.

Brax swore softly. “Fuck.” He got their jeans undone, open, his fingers fumbling badly, like they’d forgotten how to work.

“Uh-huh.” Isaiah pulled his shirt off, and that amazing red hair that had been hidden beneath tracksuit and winter hat all day suddenly went wild.

Brax wrapped one hand in it, pulling Isaiah down for another kiss, this one with a little more energy behind it. He loved the little surprised sound, the hungry groan. He pushed up, their cocks sliding together and hitting denim and zippers, too. Oh yeah, jeans open was not the same thing as jeans off.

Sean Michael
smut fixes everything


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