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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Spot the Difference by Sean Michael

I have a book in the Vive la Difference PAX release this week: Spot the Difference.

When I contemplated the theme, I thought it would be fun to explore two different areas of BDSM, because there is such a wide variety of practices within the BDSM umbrella. Then it occurred to me that I could highlight those differences if the two subs in question were twins. They look alike, they’re both into the BDSM, must be the same, right? No, not at all, in fact. And thus Christopher and Robin were born (their mother obviously loved Winnie the Pooh.)

Having both recently left Doms who just weren’t right for them, twins Christopher and Robin get together at a coffee house to commiserate. They can’t help but wish out loud for the men they’re looking for. These ideal men are as different as the twins are alike, though, and they lament ever finding two Doms to fit the bill. 

When barista Core asks Robin to go to dinner with him after hearing his wishlist, Christopher can’t help but be jealous of his twin. That soon changes, however, when Darren approaches his table with a few wishes of his own. 

Can Christopher and Robin really both find exactly what they’re looking for on the same night? Or is it too big a coincidence to be real? 

It’s available here at Amber Allure.


“You want another coffee, honey? I could go another round.” And it would be a good distraction from this particular conversation—a way to change it.

His twin nodded. “Yeah. We have a lot to catch up on.”

“Mocha or caramel this time?”

“Oh, caramel.” Christie rubbed his hands together.

Robin nodded and bounced up to the counter with their cups. “Two caramel lattes please.”

“You got it.” It must have been his imagination, but he thought the barista was giving him a once-over.

“Thank you.” He might have wiggled a little bit. “Extra whipped cream, please?”

“Absolutely. In fact, would you like to try the salted caramel? It’s a new recipe and you’d be the first.”

That deep voice did things to Robin’s insides. “Oh, yes. Please. I’m totally into trying new things.”

The barista’s smile was definitely flirty. Well, maybe more hot than flirty. The guy was, after all, quite the stud. “I like that in a man.”

“Thanks. I’m Robin.” He glanced over to Christie, who gave him a discreet thumbs-up.

“Hi, Robin. You can call me Master Core.”

Robin’s mouth went dry. Oh, God, they had been overheard. “Master Core?”

“My full name is Cornelius, but it’s a little bit of a mouthful when you’re turned over on my lap for my spanking.”

Robin dropped the bag of chocolate covered almonds he’d been playing with, his lips parting. Definitely completely, embarrassingly thoroughly overheard.

Master Core went on. “I hope you’ll give me a try before you put that ad in somewhere.”

Robin’s cheeks were on fire. “And are you an axe murderer?” He had to at least ask, right?

“Nope. Are you?”

He shook his head, chuckling a little. He was more buff than Christie, but neither one of them were super studs. They were both far too close to twink to be mistaken for anything else, really.

“Then go out for supper with me.” Master Core’s smile was enticing. “There’s a club on Dawson Street. Do you know it?”

“The Dog and Duck?” Robin nodded. It was a discreet little BDSM club where men could meet other men who shared the same interests. “I do. I was a waiter there, back when I was a student.”

“We could have a meal, and if we wanted to test the waters, they have back rooms…” Master Core’s words faded away, but it was clear what he was offering.

“I’d like that. When?” If they did something there and it didn’t work, there were ways out. And it was safer than going home with someone you didn’t know.

“I finish at five tonight.”

He checked his phone. That was an hour. Christie would totally understand. “You want to walk over together or meet there?”

“If you’re going to be here another hour, we can walk together.” Master Core handed over Robin’s cups, fingers lingering against his.

“I’ll be here another hour. Thank you, they look amazing.” He gave Master Core one last smile and took the salted caramel lattes to Christie, his eyes wide. He couldn’t quite believe it.

“Look at you, man. You hooked up in a coffee shop.” Christie was going to give him no end of shit.

Robin supposed he couldn’t really blame his twin. “You’re just jealous. He’s hot.”

Snorting, Christie countered with, “He’s not that hot.”

He was, though, no matter what Christie said. Master Core was tall and broad, blond and blue eyed. Kind of like how you’d draw a Greek god, really.

They were gingers, Christopher and him, with eyes the color of cheap whiskey. Not exactly the coloring of a god, Greek or otherwise.

“Okay, so he’s pretty damn hot.” Christie gave Robin a bright smile as he conceded the point.

“You want me to tell him I can go another day? I totally will…” He wasn’t an asshole or anything, so of course he’d stay with Christie if his twin needed him to. No matter how hot and exciting Master Core seemed.

“No. No, the thingie on the door says this place is open ’til midnight. I’m going to sit and read a book or something.”

God, Christie was good to him. Robin rewarded the gesture by teasing. “You know how to read?”

“Shut up.”

He giggled and glanced over at Master Core to find the man staring at him. His cock jerked, started to fill like whoa. God, Master Core had a presence.

Sean Michael
Smut fixes everything


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