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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Spot the Difference by Sean Michael

Having both recently left Doms who just weren’t right for them, twins Christopher and Robin get together at a coffee house to commiserate. They can’t help but wish out loud for the men they’re looking for. These ideal men are as different as the twins are alike, though, and they lament ever finding two Doms to fit the bill.

When barista Core asks Robin to go to dinner with him after hearing his wishlist, Christopher can’t help but be jealous of his twin. That soon changes, however, when Darren approaches his table with a few wishes of his own.

Can Christopher and Robin really both find exactly what they’re looking for on the same night? Or is it too big a coincidence to be real? 

Genres: Gay/Contemporary/BDSM
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (11k words) 

Read a short excerpt...

...It looked like they were both footloose and fancy free again.

Christopher sighed. “Maybe we’re being too picky…”

“Yeah. No one wants…me.”

Christie nodded at his words. “Or me.”

Robin rolled his eyes. “So no one wants us. You want a huge slice of cake and a mocha?”

“God, yes. Chocolate is better than…”

“Sex,” they finished together.

Laughing, they went to the counter and ordered two mochas and a big assed piece of chocolate cake. By the time they’d finished the cake, they were teasing each other, recalling some of the experiences they’d had.

“You remember when you went to that leather daddy club and ended up wearing that feathered jock strap?”

Robin stared at him. “We swore never to bring that up again, Christie!”

“Oh, I have pictures.” Christopher looked smug.

Robin tilted his head, considering. “Who would know it was me and not you?”

They looked at each other and started howling with laughter.

Christopher rubbed his eyes. “You know what we should do? We should write each other personal ads. Who knows what we like better than us?”

Robin chuckled and leaned back. “Okay, I’ll go first. Pushy little bottom needs strict discipline and a firm hand. Sucks like a dream. Responds to punishment and praise.”

Christopher cracked up, applauding. “Very nice.” Then his twin pondered. “Okay, yours. Sassy pain slut needs daily beatings and hourly fuckings. Only men of size need apply.”

“Perfect. Now we just need answers from men who are not axe murders or psycho freaks.” Because that was always the worry, especially with hard core needs.

“That could be a problem.” Christie made a face.

“Yeah.” Robin stirred his coffee. “It’s us, isn’t it?...” 

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