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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Getting to Know Christiane France

Welcome, Christiane France, to today's Getting to Know feature!

Why do you write? 
Because I have to. I can only crochet so many blankets, clean out so many cupboards, and bake so many cakes. It’s also the only way I can dispose of all the cool characters and story ideas that come into my head. 

What are you currently working on? What’s it about? 
Another contemporary m/m romance. Pete Letouche has finally realized his dream of opening his own gourmet shop. When he ran short of money getting things off the ground he borrowed what he needed from his cousin. The story opens with Pete standing behind the counter, thinking how well it’s turned out when the door opens and Mitch Pavoni, a blast from Pete’s past walks in. Mitch says he’s taken over the loan Pete got from his cousin and wants to know when he can expect payment. Pete is caught between shock and total panic. Mitch was Pete’s first big crush, the man of his dreams--until he found out Mitch’s dad was a loan shark with suspected connections to organized crime. Back then, Pete’s dad was chief of police, leaving Pete with no choice but to end the affair before his old man found out. It all happened in another town and he hasn’t seen or heard of Mitch in years, but now he’s wondering if Mitch has taken over the family business.

How much research do you do? 
I prefer to use locations I know reasonably well. Unfortunately things are constantly changing so I always double check to make sure no one has run an expressway through the middle—which happened to me with a story set in Paris, France. The new road wiped out part of a park and ruined an important scene. Lucky for me I was able to find another location that worked even better. I also check historical references and anything else I’m not 101% sure of.

What is the easiest thing about writing? 
Coming up with a really cool new idea.

Are the names of the characters in your books important? 
Absolutely. I spend hours searching for names to fit my characters. If they don’t feel right to me, the story just doesn’t work.

What is your favorite quote? 
Fasten your seatbelts it’s going to be a bumpy night.

What's your motto in life? 
Onward and upward.

What is the best vacation you have had? 
Driving down Highway #1 from Vancouver, Canada, to San Francisco and stopping everywhere in between.

How can readers discover more about you and you work?


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  1. Loved the interview, thanks for sharing! Are you a plotter or a pantser?

  2. I'm a pantser. Anytime I try to plot the characters take over and do it their way.