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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Test Drive by L.A. Witt

Sean Waters is down on his luck thanks to the economy, and winds up working for his domineering father’s car dealership. It’s not the greatest job, but it’s a paycheck. The only problem? He’s got a wicked crush on the general manager, Jackson Shaw.

When Jackson suggests a drive in one of the brand new sports cars, Sean has no idea it’s not the car Jackson really wants to take for a spin.

They both need this job, though, and the boss isn’t keen on employees getting involved with each other. But it’s just a lusty little crush anyway, so they can move on and pretend nothing ever happened.

Can’t they?

Genres: Gay/Contemporary
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (13k words)

Read a short excerpt...

...At the end of the aisle, three brand-new sports cars were parked at a different angle, so they’d stand out to passersby. The cars had just come in this afternoon. One red, one silver, one yellow, all convertibles. The tops were up now—Dad always had us put the tops up in the evening just in case it rained—but the cars were sexy as hell anyway.

“She’s a beauty, isn’t she?”

The general manager’s voice startled me, and I turned around, pretending my heart hadn’t just jumped into my throat.

I wasn’t worried about him catching me slacking off and then getting me fired. He and Dad both knew I worked my tail off in this place. Everyone slacked a little at this time of night. There simply wasn’t much to do except wait out the clock and get out of here.

No, the reason Jackson Shaw screwed up my blood pressure was that I’d had a thing for him since long before I’d started working here. Back before time had grayed the dark hair at his temples and added a little salt to the rest of it. He’d been working for my dad since I was a sophomore in high school, back when he was just a good-looking salesman who didn’t know much about anything, but could sell sunlight to vampires, as my mother had often said. Now he was the general manager, and time had tempered his looks—and mellowed his personality—to the point he was absolutely irresistible.

Now here he was, strolling between glittering cars with his jacket unbuttoned and his hands in the pockets of his slacks, and there was nowhere to run. No taking off under the guise of unfinished work or a customer showing up. I was in his sights and he was coming right for me.

He freed one hand and gestured at the red sports car beside me. “You ever driven something like this?”

I shook my head. “Always wanted to, but…”

“You should take it out for a spin,” he said.

I blinked. “But it’s only got a few miles on it.”

Jackson shrugged. “An extra ten won’t hurt the value. Besides, if you’re going to sell it, you ought to drive it.” The grin he flashed me spun my head around. “Should I get the keys?”

“The…” I swallowed. “You’re serious.”

“Hell yeah. I don’t have anywhere to be for a while, and your dad’s the one who told me we should drive what we’re selling. If you’re game, I’ll go sign it out.”

“Uh, sure. Okay.”

He flashed me a grin that was nothing like the smiles he displayed when customers were near. Then he headed for the showroom, and I just stood there like a fool and watched him go. That beer and TiVo full of sitcoms could wait.

Jackson returned a couple of minutes later. He tossed me the keys and then went around to the passenger side of the gleaming sports car.

I hesitated, less because I was taking out one of Dad’s high-end cars and more because of who I was taking it out with, but finally opened the door and got in...

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  1. Love that extract - this one should be fun! :)