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Friday, 24 April 2015

Woodstock Gave Me You by J.D. Walker

Laramie meets the perfect man in Bethel...then screws it up.

Laramie Pruitt is in Bethel, New York to experience peace and love at the Woodstock festival. His first day there, he meets Sullivan “Sully” Conyers, an easygoing, handsome guy who Laramie fervently wishes is the same as he—a man who prefers other men. After a dip in the lake to clean off the sweat from a hot day, his wish comes true, and the two men enjoy a late night tryst as well as clandestine kisses under Sully's tarp during a rainstorm.

Everything's perfect, until Laramie takes off in a snit because he and Sully have an argument. He soon regrets his actions when he gets soaked in a downpour, adding insult to injury.  Laramie wants to make amends, but in a sea of thousands, how is he supposed to find Sully and apologize? Perhaps the "flying, fickle, finger of fate" will lend a hand.


I caught up with him as he staked his claim on a grassy spot that was surprisingly free of mud. It was pretty far from the stage, so far in fact that the people on it were as small as dots. There were fewer people around us here, but before us, the land was covered with humans as far as the eye could see. I didn’t mind that I couldn’t actually see the performers. Hearing the music was enough for me. I had other things on my mind at the moment, however.

“Are you hungry?” Sullivan asked as he spread out the blanket. “I’ve heard rumors that there’s a free kitchen somewhere on the grounds.”

How could he just…blurt out the fact that he was homosexual—and that he knew I was one, too—and then move on as if it hadn’t meant a thing? “Sullivan, what do you—”

“Call me Sully,” he said with a cheeky grin that drew my eyes to the dimple in his chin.

With difficulty, I focused on the issue at hand. “Fine. Sully, did you mean what you said back there, about you, you know…”

“You betcha.”

I swallowed. “Did you know right away that I was—”


I closed my eyes. “Shit.” It wasn’t that I necessarily minded being known for what I was. I just didn’t want to get harassed for it—here, of all places.

He touched me briefly on the shoulder. “It’s okay. It wasn’t that obvious, though I know all about stereotypes, and people might look at you and assume certain things because of your delicate, almost girlish features, curly blond hair and bright green eyes, along with your slender build.” 


“But then, I’ve met men who’re twice my size and wear dresses so…” Sully continued, unaware of my dismay. “I try not to judge. I have a sixth sense for men like me, but it was the way you didn’t look at all the nude and semi-nude chicks that are all around us that finally clued me in. One babe was even trying to get you to dance with her last night, but you got this scared expression on your face.”

I’d been terrified, actually. “Oh.”

“Yeah, oh. We okay now?” he asked, his eyes soft on mine.

“Totally. I just…well, you took me by surprise, you know?”

“I do that to people. You’ll get used to it.” He gave me a confident grin. “So, you want food?”

“I’ve got some fruit here. You go ahead.”

He slapped me on the back, almost sending me to the ground. “See ya in a bit.”

While Sullivan—Sully was gone, I sat on the ground and watched everyone around me in a daze. It was getting closer to show time on the second day of the festival, and the air was electric with excitement.

I never thought I’d meet a kindred spirit of the male kind here, and I was overcome. Whether or not anything would happen between us, I wanted to get to know all I could about Sully Conyers in this brief moment in time.

It took him a while to return to our spot, by which time I’d finished an apple and an orange. “The lines were pretty long,” he said. “Eventually, I got to eat some cold eggs and toast. Here you go.” He handed me a muffin. “I thought you might like that. It’s apple cinnamon.” Far out.

“Thanks,” I said as I took it from him, letting my fingers linger for a second or two. Now that I knew he was like me, I felt free to make my interest known. I glanced at his chest. It was coated with perspiration from the heat of the day, making my mouth water.

“Stop that,” he admonished quietly, as he sat next to me. I could tell he wasn’t really serious, though. “Time enough for playing around later, if that’s what you want.” 



Woodstock Gave Me You by J.D. Walker is now available at Amber Allure.

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  1. I look forward to reading this one as JD Walker never disappoints with short stories.

  2. This is fascinating period in music & social history, as well as what looks like a sweet love story, so thank you for a chance to win a copy of this book :)