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Monday, 16 February 2015

The Cookie Said "Red" by J.D. Walker

Red is the color of your heart's desire...


Cisco Boyd believes in fortune cookies and horoscopes, and he never doubts that the stars will lead him to the man of his dreams. One day, Cisco reads the little piece of paper inside his cookie which seems to imply that the color red could be the answer to his dream man. And when Cisco’s date turns up wearing a red shirt, he’s ecstatic. But the evening turns ugly and Cisco has to get assistance from the hotness that is Benjy McCrae, head of security in Cisco’s apartment building. The man’s stern demeanor doesn’t invite too much speculation, except, after this debacle, Cisco sees Benjy with new eyes, including the part of the man’s security uniform that’s always been there: his red tie. It could be that the stars are finally in his favor.   

Saturday afternoon found me in the park with Amy and her four-year-old twin girls, Shannon and Sharon. As they played in the sandbox, I brought her up to speed.

“No way! But the date started out so well,” Amy said, while keeping a careful eye on the children.

“It did. Jamie was so nice, and really great in bed, but the way he went about getting in my pants was so underhanded, not to mention his anger management issues. It was like a switch flipped, and hello, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

“Yeah, what a jerk! That was a really close call, Cisco.” Shannon came over to get a hug from her mother before running back to play with her sister.

“But something good came out of it,” I added. “Benjy McCrae.” 

Amy pursed her lips. “I’ve seen him from time to time when I stop by to visit you, but I would never have even thought you’d be his type. He seems so rigid. Then again, maybe you need someone like that to keep you in line. Or try to, anyway.” She snickered. 

“There’s nothing wrong with my lines, thank you very much. But he sure surprised the hell out of me. I’m not complaining, though. And better yet, he also believes in astrology. What are the odds, huh?”

Amy snickered. “Slim to none, my dear.”

“Nonbeliever.” I nudged her in the ribs, and she nudged me back.

The twins ran back over to us, screaming that they were thirsty. While Amy handed over small bottles of orange juice, she asked, “So what’s the deal with this evening?”

“Dunno. Dinner, at least. A getting to know you sort of thing. I don’t care what you call it. Just spending time with him will be glorious. I want to learn more about him before…” I glanced at the girls and whispered, “You know.”

“Yes, I know.” Amy wiped the twins’ faces and sent them back out to the sandbox. “I hope this one turns out to be a winner. He’s not like your usual find, so maybe you’re onto something, at long last.” I silently agreed.

At five minutes to seven, I knocked on Benjy’s door, a chilled bottle of wine under my arm. I heard “Just a second!” from inside his apartment, and in a short time, he stood before me.

“Hey, there,” he said, a grin on his face as he stepped back to allow me inside after I handed him the bottle. This was the most I’d seen him smile since I’d met the man when I moved here.

“Hey yourself,” I replied, waiting while he locked the door. I looked him over quickly. Benjy was dressed in pressed jeans that lovingly embraced his legs, and a short-sleeved burgundy shirt left open over a white T-shirt that showcased every muscle known to man…and then some. Have mercy.

“You look like dinner to me,” I said, leering at him. “What are you having?” Cheeky as ever, that was me.

“You’ll know when it happens,” he replied, with a smirk. “Did you pour yourself into that outfit? Not that I’m complaining.” I’d chosen to wear tight black jeans that showcased my long legs and taut ass, and a snug lilac-colored polo shirt. Benjy ran a hand slowly down my back to grab my ass and yank me against his hard body.

All thought fled and the only thing I could say was “uh.”


The Cookie Said "Red" by J.D. Walker is now available at Amber Allure.

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  1. I love the cover and excerpt! This books sounds like ti'll be a great, fun read. Thank you for the chance.