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Friday, 13 February 2015

Pandemonia: Fortuity by Darcy Abriel

(Part of the Pandemonia series)

Earth of 4035 is a wasteland populated with sectors of penal colonies, seeded through the generations by its life-long inhabitants of criminals, lunatics, political prisoners, and DNA-spliced mutants, all ruled by a powerful conglomerate of scientific researchers called the Nucleate.

One such sector, Pandemonia, is situated on the former European continent in the vicinity of Paris, now a hunting ground of a world gone horribly awry.

When Dr. Swane Fox, a behavior scientist from the peaceful planet named Daudulis 40, enters Pandemonia to study its criminal society in an effort to save Earth, he is assaulted. Only a stroke of good fortune keeps him alive when a surly, uncommunicative prisoner named August steps in to save him.

Now, without a way out of Pandemonia since everything he owns has been stolen, Swane realizes his only hope of survival is accepting August’s offer to become his protector—for a price.

Both men have ulterior motives for joining forces, yet if anyone discovers their true goals, they will end up dead. Will lies, mistrust, and initial hatred prevent Swane and August from learning the truth about each other, to give in to their most passionate desires and perhaps even finding love in the least likely of places? Or will their destinies destroy them first?

Genres: Gay/Science Fiction/Futuristic/Menage (M/M/M)/Group Sex/Series
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (17k words) 

Read a short excerpt...

...The man spun around on his bench to face Swane. He eyed him with the darkest, most sexual look Swane had ever seen.

“Pretty thing,” the man commented. “You’d have no problems making your way bartering your body for whatever you need. There are plenty of places that would put you to work.”

Swane pulled the blanket closer, his panic just about choking him. This was not how he’d envisioned things would happen. He wanted to study these criminals close up, but he’d never thought he’d find himself in a situation such as this.

Yet his father was always warning him about acting rashly. Like the time he’d eaten that jar of pickled kaylar peppers when he was ten. His mouth and stomach had burned for a week because he’d thought if one was good, a whole jar was better. This time that rashness had gotten him in quite the pickle.

“I-I wouldn’t do something like that. I-I don’t do that.”

The man shrugged. He spun around to work on…whatever project in which he was engaged. “Guess you’ll starve then, won’t you? Unless you’ve got some other skill to work with. But I’d guess fucking would be your fastest route to finding a protector.”

“A protector?”

The man put on a pair of magnifier goggles and turned his attention to the soldering project. “Kid, you’ve got no survival skills. I can tell that. You’re gonna end up dead, raped, savaged, or some gang’s cute little bitch to do with as they please…until you’re all used up. You’ll be lucky if you last a week once you hit the streets. Here you’re either the predator or the prey. There ain’t no in-between.”

Predator or prey. But hadn’t Swane known that when he’d decided on this course? But the difference between what was written in the books, researching from a distance, and encountering the reality were obviously two very different animals.

“Why did you save me?” Swane asked, knowing he had but one chance to survive his fate. One man or many? Take his chances out there, or give himself a chance to acclimatize, by staying with this man?

The man shrugged. “Who knows? Sometimes I do stupid shit that makes no sense to me one way or the other. I was out scavenging and saw you drop.”

Painfully, Swane stood. “My name is Swane Fox. What’s yours?”

The man glanced at him. “Why do you want to know?”

Swane, heart pounding in his chest, gulped and let the blanket drop, exposing himself fully to the man who had saved his life.

“I owe you. And I think maybe you and I can come to some kind of agreement. If you let me stay here, with you, I’ll do whatever you want.”

The man chuckled. Lasciviously his gaze swept over Swane’s body, and Swane tried to keep from shuddering at the enormity of what he’d just offered a man he knew was a criminal in exchange for his safety...

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