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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Oh, What a Knight by Christiane France

(Part of the Peninsula Heights series)

Following the death of his employer, Harvey St. Onge—a local gay man with a reputation for attracting handsome young men and throwing wild parties at his country estate—Griffin Andrews is literally on the outside looking in. Harv had promised to take care of Griff, but when the lawyer shows up and Griff is paid off and shown the door with the rest of the staff, he figures Harv “forgot” his promise. Now, Griff may be stuck in the country, miles from anywhere with no transportation and no proof of Harv’s promise, but he’s a survivor. So he packs what he can carry and starts walking.

Partway into his journey, however, a handsome motorist stops and offers Griff a lift. Shane Walker says he’s just going as far as Peninsula Heights. But by the time they get there, Griff’s life has done a fast one-eighty. He has a new friend, the promise of a job, and a place to stay. It all sounds too good be true.

Now Griff has to wonder—is Shane really Griff’s proverbial “white knight in shining armor” riding to his rescue, or something else?...

Genres: Gay/Contemporary/Series
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (17k words) 

Read a short excerpt...

...The next time I opened my eyes it was daylight. The sun was peeking through the curtains, but Shane appeared to still be sleeping. I wanted to pee but not so bad it couldn’t wait. His morning hard-on was pressing against my hip, demanding attention, and I figured his needs came first.

I reached for him under the covers, surprised to encounter bare flesh rather than the jean fabric I’d expected. He’d obviously gone to the bathroom sometime during the night and left his pants and underwear behind. All he had on now was a T-shirt and that worked perfectly from my perspective. I touched his cock, loving the way it swelled and bucked against my hand as I stroked it from root to tip. He began making urgent noises deep in his throat, like he was telling me to hurry things up, so I knew he was on the verge of waking.

I was feeling a tad needy myself, so I threw back the covers, took off my clothes and dropped them on the floor. I then reversed position, grasped his swollen dick in both hands and swiped my tongue back and forth over the glistening tip. As the noises Shane was making increased in volume, I began sucking him slowly into my mouth. A moment later he was wide awake. He grasped my butt cheeks with both hands and took my highly aroused eight-plus inches into the warmth and wetness of his mouth.

It felt so fucking incredible I was on the edge of an orgasm in two seconds flat and I suspected Shane was as well. I figured I had enough control to make the ride last a tiny bit longer, or so I thought. That was until he decided to get inventive and abandoned my cock in favor of sliding his finger up my ass and then pulling it out again oh-so-slowly until he had me shaking with need. I quit what I was doing and held my breath. I hadn’t been fucked in a long time and I’d forgotten how amazing it could be, especially when done by a pro. But I wanted more than just his finger, I wanted to feel his nice big cock up there.

I sucked in a breath and released it as a sigh. “That the best you can do?”

He ran his tongue down my crack and gently squeezed my balls, sending my need up another ten notches. “You saying you want me to go all the way with this?”

“You bet. I have a feeling it’s what we both want.”

“You got that right. One look at your nice tight ass and…”

“What? You started to drool?”

“Something like that. When you woke me up I was dreaming about what I wanted to do to you.” He gave a soft chuckle. “Can you hold on while I rustle up a few supplies?”

“I can if you can.”

Shane was back in no time with a handful of condoms and a tube of lubricant that he placed on the nightstand. “How long since you’ve done this?”

“Too long, so hurry up. But go easy on me please?”

He hesitated, frowning. “This bed’s kinda small and on the rickety side… I wouldn’t want it to collapse on us.”

“No problem.” I grinned and gave his bare butt a slap as I hopped out and assumed the position on the floor, “I like it this way the best.”

“Why’s that?”

I laughed and wiggled my ass. “I can howl at the moon when I come.”

“That so?” He parted my butt cheeks and delivered a generous amount of lube into my hole. “For your information there’s no moon at this hour.”

“No problem. Sun will work just as well...”

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