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Monday, 22 September 2014

An Excerpt from Dreams to Sell by KC Kendricks

Want to have a taste of Dreams to Sell? Read on...

...Terry held up a key ring. “Found ’em.”

Something else found me and it was the sudden realization we were alone in his house and his bed was not far away. I saw it in his glittering gaze he’d had the same thought. I swallowed, hard, as Terry licked his lips and moved to stand in front of me. He rested his hands on my shoulders. Cock swelling, almost breathless, I ran my thumb across his lips.

“Terry, this could get out of hand in big hurry.”

“I know.”

The world spun around me at those two simple words. I had to hold on and not push him too far, but I needed to have him in my arms. His grip tightened.


I slid my arms around his waist and pulled him to me. He nodded, and I lowered my mouth to his. Little flames sparked behind my closed eyes as the feel of his soft lips seared my brain.

The memory of our chaste kiss last night fled as his mouth moved under mine, testing me. I clamped down on the urge to back him to the desk and bend him over it. His tongue licked over mine, and I threw caution out the window.

He was like a living flame against me. I feasted on his mouth and neck, oblivious to all but the taste of his skin. I relished the sensation of my stiff dick straining against the confining denim of my jeans. I held Terry tighter as he leaned into me. Our feet tangled with the edge of the rug as I stepped backward and we stumbled. The floor rushed to meet us, effectively ending one hell of a kiss. The air left my lungs as I landed hard on top of him. He rolled me beneath him, his rigid shaft pressed to my inner thigh. When I reached for him, Terry scooted away and smacked my hip.

“Whew. The next time we trip, you’re going down first.”

Panting, I turned my head and stared at him. “You sound a little breathless.”

“Do you want to take this upstairs?”

I opened my mouth to speak and a raspy croak came out. I coughed to clear my throat, aware he was flat on his back laughing at me with his hand down the front of his pants. He smirked when he saw me staring.

“I needed an adjustment.”

“You’re not alone. Upstairs. Is, um, that a good idea?”

“Hell, no. You know we’re lucky we didn’t bite off each other’s lips.” Terry rolled over and pushed up onto his knees and held his hand out to me. “Let’s at least get off the floor.”

I grabbed his hand and yanked him down on top of me. His mouth took mine in a bruising kiss. I thrust my tongue deep, and he followed when I retreated. Back and forth we tested and teased until he sat up, straddling my hips. I held my hands up to him, and he laced his fingers through mine. His chocolate brown orbs looked black as he held my gaze.

“Do you think we can go upstairs and keep things light?”

I blew out a deep breath in the vain attempt to settle my frantic heartbeat. I knew what he was asking and “light” was already too late for me. I wanted him for more than an afternoon. I knew we’d be great together in bed...


Dreams to Sell by KC Kendricks is now available at Amber Allure.

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  1. Loved the excerpt. This one looks really good, adding it to my TBR.

  2. This sounds like a great addition to the Men of Marionville series. I loved Dylan from "What You Don't Confess" and he was 50, so hopefully I'll enjoy Keith and Terry's story as much.

  3. I love the exchange between the characters and the chance to find happiness and passion again no matter the age of the characters.

    Thank you for a chance to win the set as I would love to find out what happens next in all the books :)