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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A Game of Hearts by Deirdre O'Dare

Acclaimed photographer DeVore Weyrick lost the love of his life ten years ago, and when it came to his lovelife, became a recluse. Now, at one of the few social functions he steels himself to attend, he meets an amazing young man and suddenly begins to wonder whether he can find new life and new love. The game of hearts is always risky, but what if a part of your first love now lives within another man’s body?

Tim Hardesty was a preemie and always frail. As a teenager, an organ transplant was the only thing that could save him. Now grown to manhood, he is still struggling to break away from family ties and find a purpose for his life. It’s a thrill to meet the charismatic DeVore, an idol whose powerful photographs move many. But is this attraction his own or coming from the stranger’s heart now beating in his chest?

Genres: Gay/Contemporary/The Arts
Heat Level: 2
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (15k words) 

Read a short excerpt...

...Tim felt himself blush. He ought to be past the point of embarrassment by now because he’d come out a long time ago, but DeVore’s blunt question seemed to carry unspoken connotations and implications that had his cock twitching under the sheet and tingles racing along his nerves.

“Yes, I’m gay. I’ve known it since before I had the surgery at sixteen and I came out to family and friends as soon as I was back on my feet. No one had a huge fit, although my folks were not pleased. I’ve tried to keep a low profile to be sure it doesn’t cause them any problems. In some circles, Texas is still pretty conservative.”

While they’d talked, DeVore had edged closer. Now he sat near enough that he only had to stretch his arms to reach Tim, touch him, then grasp both arms after he took the near-empty mug from fingers gone almost nerveless and set it aside.

“Come here.”

Tim could no more resist that gravel-voiced command than he could have flown to the moon in his current state of undress. He shoved down the sheet and spread, heedless of showing the scar in the center of his chest that he made a habit of keeping covered. It wasn’t pretty, but DeVore didn’t bat an eye as his gaze slid right past it to all that lay below.

Tim twisted to get on his knees. His cock thrust out of a mat of dark curls, proud and already erect. That part he had no urge to hide. Off balance, he leaned too far forward.

With studied calm, DeVore caught Tim and eased him back onto his heels. The older man’s smile mixed wolfish eagerness, appreciation and a bit of triumph. “I believe I’m overdressed,” he said. “Give me a sec and I’ll fix that.”

He stood, tossing his shirt aside before he unbuttoned his 401 Levi’s and let them fall. He didn’t have anything on underneath the denim.

Tim could not quite control his gasp. Well-endowed didn’t begin to do the other man justice. I’d be proud to put a picture of that on my wall. Worth a wet dream any night. Holy Toledo.

Then DeVore’s arms closed around him, hauling him forward until their bodies were flush, almost welding together. After that, there was no time or room to think at all, only sensations...

1 comment:

  1. Oh gosh I can see where this story is going with regards the lost love of DeVore and Tim's transplant donor, even with a hint of May-December age difference, so beautiful. Thank you it sound such a thought proving love story and I would love to read them all to find out what happens next.