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Friday, 17 January 2014

Temptation Eyes by A.J. Llewellyn & D.J. Manly

Owen was born into a Were family, and like those before him, he is expected to turn on the full moon of his twenty-first birthday. And there are especially high expectations concerning Owen’s shift from boy to wolf, given that his birthday falls on the night of the full moon itself.

But when the full moon rises on that fated night, nothing happens. While others around him change, he stays the same, forced to run for his life from the angry pack. Needless to say, Owen is a disappointment to his family.

But then a mysterious and sexy stranger with wickedly tempting eyes comes to stay at Owen’s mother’s boardinghouse, a stranger regarded as suspicious by the clan, who apparently knows that there is far more to Owen than his failure to shift... 

Genres: Gay/Dark Fantasy/Werewolf/Shapeshifter/
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Novella (30k words) 

Read a short excerpt...

...“Don’t play games with me. I want to know why you brought me here. You’re a hunter…but you’re also a wolf, perhaps even an Alpha. How can that be?”

He lifted his broad shoulders once and let them fall.

“What am I? Am I the bait? You bring me here so that my pack will follow? Then what, you kill them all?” I waited, scarcely daring to breath.

He didn’t answer and all of a sudden the tone of his voice changed. He didn’t ask me to get into the bed. He told me to. “Enough, Owen! Get into the bed now.”

I inched toward the bed. “I’m not undressing.”

“A shame,” he said softly. His voice returned to being quite pleasant. “Do as you will. Please remove your shoes without fear. Feet are not normally sexually stimulating for me. I think I can control myself.”

I glared at him, tipped off one shoe, then the other and lay down on the bed, remaining in a stiff and unnatural position. I heard some noise and raised my head. November took off his long coat and something inside the long pockets clanged together.

“What is that?” I asked.

“Wanna see?” His voice sounded seductive but there was a definite threat attached.

“Never mind.”

I was surprised to hear him laugh.

When he walked around to my side of the bed and looked down at me, my breath caught as I looked into those eyes. Beautiful. He was heartbreakingly beautiful and I was suddenly paralyzed with fear and something else. Desire. It filled my mouth and woke up my cock. And I bitterly chastised my body for its betrayal. His hand came down on mine and he lifted it. For a moment I was sure he would kiss it. My chest heaved and my pulse raced and he leaned down over me, his mouth so close to mine and I heard something click like iron on iron. I suddenly realized my wrist was cuffed to the headboard.

“You…you…bastard!” I started to struggle and within seconds, my other wrist was caught as well.

“I can’t risk you trying to escape,” he said. “And I haven’t slept for days.”

I was spitting mad, calling him every name I could think of. He left the room. “Great, fine! Just walk out, leave me like this, November, you son of a…” I stopped as I heard the shower running. I sighed and closed my eyes. I stayed quiet until I heard him come back in. “And at least,” I began, “you could…” I stopped, blinked. November stood there stark naked, toweling himself off.

“Go on,” he said.

Pure muscle, hills and valleys and ye…Gods…he was one beautiful man. He pushed back his wet hair and wrapped the towel around his waist. Those eyes met mine and he came and perched on the bed. “I’m sorry if you’re uncomfortable.”

I swallowed. “Can I have a drink of water please?”

He nodded and left the room. He was back shortly, standing over me. He lifted my head and put the glass to my lips. I drank. He put the glass on the table beside me. “Can’t you give me some answers?” I asked him, keeping my voice calm. “I deserve to know what game you’re playing and why I’m a part of this, don’t you think?”

He nodded again, then walked around to the other side of the bed. I sucked in some air when I felt his weight settle beside me. I turned my head and was a little startled to see his gaze turned toward me. “You called me an Alpha.”

“Yes. You…act like one…but you’re a hunter. How can you be both?”

“I can only be an Alpha in theory, without a pack, Owen.”

“Then you’re a…a lone wolf?”

“Not by choice...” 

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