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Friday, 13 December 2013

Happy Hobbity Holidays by K-lee Klein

With less than two weeks before Christmas, I'm still not in the mindset for presents or decorations or celebrating. But it's not because I'm a scrooge or a bah-humbug type person. I'm just completely focused on something that will be a fabulous memory by the time this is posted—the Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug comes out on Friday and I have tickets for the midnight showing on Thursday. Yay!

I'm not going to dwell on my excitement or make you listen to my obsessive banter about how much I love the Heirs of Durin (Thorin, Fili & Kili, of course), but just let me say I'm over-the-moon electrified. Yes, I'm dwarf-obsessed and I'm very proud of that fact because, dammit, I've waited a whole year for this movie. And I'll wait another whole year for the third one in the trilogy.

I've watched the red carpet premieres, followed the news from the actors, bought the merchandise, indulged in all the little pictures and tidbits and oh-my-god hints that director Peter Jackson has let loose, and Thursday night is the big day…night. 

So by the time you read this, I will be a satisfied woman, at least until I buy my next set of tickets. I did see the first movie six times in the theatre and I own both the regular DVD and extended version so there will definitely be another few rounds for me. I was never really a Ringer (Lord of the Rings super fan) but this movie has just slayed me. Plus, being a fan of several of the actors before the movie definitely helped me settle in.

Now…what was I saying? I wasn't going to make you listen to my Hobbit talk, right? Guess I failed in that regard big time. Christmas, right? I think Christmas is different now that my kids are grown than when they were small. We still get together and my daughter, who lives in another province, comes home and we indulge in gifts and family time, but the excitement of having little kids around the Christmas tree just can't be beat, can it?

But one of the things I do look forward to every year, on top of all the family stuff, is the lights. I have a string of blue lights up year round, plus a set of multi-coloured ones in my room, but seeing the houses lit up so beautifully just takes my breath away. Sometimes I stare out the front window at my own little lit-up yard and it puts a smile on my face.

In Calgary we have something called Zoolights which is exactly as it sounds—the zoo dresses up in a beautiful array of coloured animals, scenery and just WOW. It's truly gorgeous and even in the chill night air that is usually Calgary in December, it's awesome. Last year, my family spent Christmas in Vancouver with my daughter and we went to something similar there. What's better than the festive, child-like excitement of the world lit up in strings of brilliant, dazzling lights anyhow?

In closing, I wish you all a very happy holiday season filled with bright, shining lights, and all the best in the new year. Oh, and did I mention what my family is doing first when my daughter comes into town—family dinner and movie night. I bet you can't guess what movie we're seeing.

K-lee Klein
Website: kleeklein.com


  1. I love Christmas time also I love the music and lights.. and yes as the kids are all in their late teens early twenties I do not buy as many gifts.
    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

    1. Hi Cinders. The lights are truly extraordinary. Is love them up all year round to thrill my little black heart. Lol. And yes, older kids should mean less stuff but I'm so bad at doing that. Lol. They usually have just as much as when they were young. ;)
      Thanks for stopping by & reading my post. Good luck in the draw. And happy holidays!
      Hugs, K-lee

  2. K-lee you can talk with my for ages about The Hobbits and your dwarves.

    Beautiful pic from Calgary. Wish we had something here, but Germany is sooo boring when it comes to really Christmas decoration. We try to bring the North American traditions over to goold old Europe, but the chances they accept it aren't too good. Hugs Danny