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Friday, 23 August 2013

Baby, You Can Drive My Car by A.J. Llewellyn

Early last year I visited the Paramount Studios lot to visit a friend of mine who was working as a script supervisor on a TV series. The first person I happened to see down on the backlot furtively smoking cigarettes with a couple of crew guys was actor Daniel Craig. I've loved this guy ever since I saw him in an obscure British movie, The Mother, ten years ago.

It was no surprise to me that he became James Bond and has more than capably filled the super-spy's custom-made slip-ons. He smiled and nodded to me. And then he said hello. I fell down. 

Boy, was I embarrassed. My friend came running, and it only got worse. Of course, I was tongue-tied and grinned like a simpleton at Daniel Craig. He had the grace to look away and puff on his smoke.

If I could do it all over again, I would. And if I could really make this scene work to my romance writer's heart, I'd turn it into a book. And I did!

Snow Drive!

To be honest, I wasn't quite sure exactly what to do with this nugget of an idea until I had coffee with my friend Dan, an unusual man who adores traveling the world by train. It's his passion. He recently returned from Switzerland, where he showed me some photos from a vacation package I never knew existed. He flew to Zurich and from there, traveled by train to St. Moritz for a luxury two-day vacation driving Aston Martins in the snow.

Oh, baby! My character for Snow Drive began to take shape. He'd take the trip, drive the spy's car...and get his own man too.

When Amber Allure's team of talented authors began tossing out ideas for PAX anthology stories, I signed up for the Man of My Dreams one. I am not afraid to laugh at myself...as long as a happy ending is involved.

And in my world, they always are.

Here's the blurb for Snow Drive... 

Hollywood script supervisor Pippo Baker has always been unlucky in love, therefore, he enjoys his fantasies. His idea of a dream man is James Bond. So when the opportunity arises to test out Aston Martins in a snow drive in St. Moritz, Switzerland, it doesn't take much for his roommate, Michael, to persuade him to throw caution to the winter winds and go. Pippo is excited about accompanying Michael on the luxury two-day extravaganza promoted by the European car company. The only drawback is that Pippo realizes too late that his holiday on ice has labeled him a "spectator only." It's the story of his life.

But then something happens, something magical and quite fitting with his dreams. He meets Scottish race car driver, Kethin Teague, on the flight to Z├╝rich and their mutual attraction is instant. Now Pippo discovers that sometimes real men are better than the dream ones. And he's about to find out just how much better they really are in the snow-kissed mountains on his very first snow drive. 

For an excerpt and/or purchase, please click this link: 

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Snow Drive by A.J. Llewellyn is now available at Amber Allure.

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  1. You met Daniel Craig and he spoke to you, and we're only just now finding out? Wow!

  2. Wonderful post, thanks for sharing :) I love that your book is set in Europe. It's one of my favourite settings. I'm adding it to my TBR pile.

  3. I adore Daniel Craig. So jealous!! If you are going to embarrass yourself you might as well do it in front of James Bond.

  4. I love hearing stories about the people you meet and how you turn your misadventures into books... I'm Jealous!!! If I ever move to cali i want to become your personal assistant lol



  5. Good post, love the setting too.

  6. I am jealous too! Daniel Craig is sexy!!!! Love reading your books and look forward to more.

  7. That would have been cool A.J. .... I would have been tongue tied too. And as for falling down that could have happened to anyone.... but you got a story line out of the experience.,....that's great. You know some interesting people.