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Monday, 14 January 2013

Love for Sale by A. J. Llewellyn

When Matt Killian, a LAPD cop-turned-private-eye, is approached one rainy day in Hollywood to take on a missing person case, he initially wants to say "no" when the potential client tells him he chose Killian because he's gay. Killian changes his mind, however, when he learns the man is distraught because his son, Dane Marks—AKA notorious gay porn director, Danny Dark—is missing. Matt is further surprised to learn that Dane has already tried to take his own life, twice, and has now disappeared, possibly to escape interference in his third attempt.

It's a race against time as Killian tracks down Danny Dark and attempts to short-circuit the man's desire for self-destruction. Plunged headlong into the sometimes-amusing, sometimes-terrifying world of gay porn, Killian is mistaken for a go-go dancer and performs in a live show to get close to Dane.

Can Killian save Dane and show him that sex isn't love and love isn't sex...that love is amazing and is not for sale?

Genres: Gay / Contemporary / Mystery / Detective / The Arts / Exhibitionism / Public Places
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Novella (34k words)

Read a short excerpt...

...I was almost sick to my stomach by the time I got to my floor. I’d held my breath most of the way and released it as I charged along the corridor. I could smell cigarettes and pot and something else. It was strange and yet familiar. A metallic, chemical smell. Oh crap, someone was cooking crystal meth in their room.

At my door I slid the key card into the slot across the top of the door handle. The green light flashed and I opened the door. It was a very nice room. Two double beds. No champagne, unlike the bridal suite, but it would do. I immediately closed the door, set up the computer on a round table overlooking the balcony and, beyond it, the hotel environs hugging Miami’s South Beach bay.

I checked Dane’s messages online. He’d alerted his two rent boys that there was a change in location. He told Thomas Conrad and Ricky Stanton that he was staying at the Hyatt. He left his cell phone number and signed off with DD.

Danny Dark.

I realized now that the name suited him. He was a dark personality. Or rather, that side of his personality was strong. I hoped it wouldn’t take over completely. I called his dad next and woke him. He seemed relieved when I told him I’d checked into a room on the same floor as his son.

“How much is that costing me?” he asked.

“Nothing. I’m posing as a go-go dancer. Somebody else booked the room.”

“A go-go dancer?” He laughed so hard I found it frankly offensive. It wasn’t that funny.

“Don’t call his room,” I warned Christopher. “I don’t want to spook him.”

“I won’t. I’ll be good. I promise. Go-go boy. Ha! I made a funny. Go boy! Go-go boy! Ha ha!”

“I’ll be in touch,” I said and ended the call. I took a quick shower, dried off, and threw on fresh underpants and a T-shirt. I checked the computer again and found that Dane hadn’t had any responses to his text messages. Perhaps his rental boys were mid-air or something. I turned off his computer and tucked it into my bag, putting it beside the bed. I was trashed. Absolutely exhausted. I set my cell phone for a two-hour nap. I’d be no good to Dane or his father unless I got some rest. I slid between what felt like expensive bed sheets, my body caving in to sleep.

It wasn’t long before I was awakened however and the sensation was bizarre. It felt like somebody was sucking my cock. Wow. Talk about wet dreams. I tried turning over but another man’s body had me pinned to the bed. I lifted my head a little and glanced down.

Holy fucking fuck fuck fuck.

I was getting a monster job and it was no dream. I was poised between heaven and hell. On the cusp of screaming “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” and gripping the man’s head to me in case he tried to stop.

But he wasn’t stopping.


I looked down at the totally astonishing sight of my target, Danny Dark, AKA Dane Marks, sucking my cock.

As if his very life depended on it...

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