What Are AmberPax™ Collections?

Simply put, AmberPax™ Collections are groups of five stories centered around a specific theme. Each story within an AmberPax™ is released individually, on the same day as the others, and can be purchased separately, but these five stories can also be purchased as a single unit (the full AmberPax™) at a discount, currently 25%. Generally, an AmberPax™ is similar to an "anthology" of stories, but instead of the titles being released in only a single volume (file), they are also available individually. These AmberPax™ Collections are sold exclusively through our website and only in electronic format.

THIS BLOG is for news about the Pax Collections - follow it to keep up with releases, find early news of the upcoming collections, and share Pax fun and chat with the authors!

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Sunday, 27 January 2013

If you liked the Noir collection...

One of the best parts about the AmberPax collections is the wide variety of stories that can arise from a single theme. If you liked the Noir collection, there's even more at Amber Allure that might interest you.

Crime and Punishment is a collection of five m/m stories, all mystery/suspense centered around crimes and their repercussions. Stories include:

Take a chance! You just might find a new author to love.

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