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Friday, 24 July 2015

An Excerpt from To Catch His Mate by J.D. Walker

A mixed breed shifter insurance investigator and a white panther burglar work together to catch a faceless mastermind, out for revenge. When will they find time to become mates?


Felix Cotter is a top-notch insurance investigator, as well as a beast...of some kind. When he shifts, Felix has the body of a black panther and the head and paws of a white Bengal tiger. Whatever the deal is, Felix—weird shifter mix aside—is hot on the trail of a thief.

But the thief smells like mate, and he’s not sure what to think of the wet dreams he’s been having ever since he’s been on this case. Felix sets up a sting to catch the burglar, and comes face to face with the man of his dreams—Tyler Panterone.

A white panther shifter, Tyler survived the murder of his family, only to get caught up in the wrong crowd, and forced to steal against his will. Now it’s up to Felix to help Tyler get out of the bad situation he’s in and whoever is really behind these heists needs to be stopped, if only so that Felix can finally settle down with the man he wants to keep safe and at his side forever.


After pouring myself another cup of coffee, I took a seat. “So tell me what happened last night after you left. I assume you made it to the drop off point on time?” 

Tyler finished half his omelet before answering. “Yeah, I got there.” He shuddered before continuing. “Those guys make my skin crawl, you know? And I can smell their disgust of me in their pores, along with their general malevolence toward the world. It’s like rotten meat. Everything about them is malignant and ugly.”

“We have to figure out what the real deal is. It’s more than money. There’s a link between Englemann and Forever Safes, but I don’t know what. When we figure that out, we’ll solve this case.”

Tyler nodded and finished his omelet, then slathered a slice of toast with butter and jam. There were crumbs in the corners of his mouth, and some moisture from the butter on his bottom lip. I used my thumb to wipe it away, and his tongue followed it.

“Behave, boy. Now’s not the time.” I couldn’t help myself, though. I brought the thumb to my mouth and licked the finger clean, just so I could get a taste of him.

He huffed. “How’s that fair? You get to taste, but I don’t? That’s mean.” 

His pout was cute, but I wouldn’t be swayed. Yet. “Later. We have to work first.”

“Fine.” After finishing his toast, Tyler got up and put his plate in the sink. Since I was also done, I stood and did the same, making sure to get up close and personal with his ass where he stood.

I ground into him with my firm prick and whispered in his ear. “Help me do a little work first, and then maybe, if you’re good, we can play a little bit.”

He turned to face me and placed his arms around my neck. “What if I want to play now? Won’t it clear our heads a bit if we get a little release? Then we won’t be as distracted.” Tyler nipped my chin and massaged the back of my neck with one hand.

My good intentions disappeared and lust took over. “You might have a point there. But I’m in charge here, boy. Not you. You do what I say. Understood?”

“As long as what you say gets me what I want? Then I’m game.”


To Catch His Mate by J.D. Walker is now available at Amber Allure.

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  1. Interesting a cat shifter is sent to catch a cat burglar :) thank you for a chance to win this collection

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